Church Of The One True Goddess Kino Makoto

The One And Only Sailor Jupiter

Welcome to the holiest place on the web

To all who come to worship the goddess, I greet thee entrance.

To all who dare have disrespect for such a lovely diety, be forever cursed!

Many are those that serve the goddess faithfully

And the many that are totally devoted, serve in this church

Jonathan Bilodeau: High Priest and Holder of the Holy Sign of Jupiter

Jupiter Light: Council to the Goddess and Keeper of the Mighty ThunderBolt

Ryan Green: Slayer of infidels and soon to be bringer of the holy Kenji

Jason Kinnison-Holmes: No title to date

If you wish to join the church, contact the High Priest.

The High-Priest hasn't forgotten those who tried for the church, but he has been having some troubles with email and some of the emails he got were erased and so he could not reply.

Look into her eyes and see the power flowing from them. See how her green eyes captivate yours. The goddess has the most beautiful eyes in this world, never forget that, any onlooker. See the church as she sees it

  • The holy book
  • The treasure throve
  • The altar
  • Jupiter Light's Jupiter Shrine - Go to the shrine constructed by Jupiter Light.

    The church of Ucchan- The twin of the goddess

    Jupiter Page - A non church member fan page of Jupiter.

    Goal: The main goal of the church is to keep in contact those who are fans of Mako-chan in a circle of support and friendship.

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