This is Kino Makoto's holy altar, here all worshipers come to pray to her

The 40 Thunder Rules

1. Thou shall serve faithfully.
2. Thou shall always be faithful to the goddess.
3. Thou shall smite all infidels.
4. All thou fours will look like the sign of Jupiter.
5. Thou shall love the goddess and therefore be protected by her.
6. Thou shall not do anything in the goddess's name without the strict permission of the church.
7. Unless it be nš3.
8. Thou shall praise her lavish eyes once a week.
9. Five times a day would be better.
10. Thou shall not bash the goddess or severe natural events will come down upon thee.
11. All donations are accepted by the goddess (especially accepted by the High-Priest and other followers).
12. Thy love is all that the goddess needs.
13. Thou shall bring up the goddess in a conversation every week.
14. More and thou might equal the High-Priest.
15. Thou shall respect the other members of the church, for all are loved by the goddess equally (the exception being that the goddess loves the High-Priest more).
16. All great infidels shall be reported to the church.
17. They shall be smited,
18. quartered,
19. stripped,
20. humiliated,
21. patronized,
22. etcetera.
23. Thou shall carry the goddess's picture, always.
24. Thou shall help those in need.
25. Thou shall know how to cook (the High-Priest and Jupiter Light do).
26. Thou shall rant about how perfect the goddess is.
27. If thou decide to die thy hair, thou shall die it green.
28. Thou shall have one article of clothing that is green.
29. A complete green wardrobe would be better.
30. Thou shall run outside when thou hear thunder.
31. Thou shall love only cats.
32. Thou shall blame the goddess's faults (which she doesn't have) on her ex-boyfriend.
33. Thou shall always blame the ex-boyfriend.
34. Thou shall only use his name as a curse to all infidels.
35. Thou shall bash any character that is mean to the goddess.
36. Thou shall never fly a plane or fly in one.
37. If thou happens to fly in one, thou shall curse the pilots once thou reach destination.
38. Thou shall never lie unless to help a friend.
39. Thou shall moral boost all that are worthy.
40. Thou shall obey all that the High-Priest says (unless the voice of Kino Makoto comes to you in a dream and tells you not to).