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This page will concentrate on my life-time love : MANGA. Yet any other form of literature that I found interesting will have their space, too.

Just a warning, though. If you see the word "literature" and then expect to find some serious stuff here, you might be dissapointed. You see, I'm the type of person who classify manga as literature. :P And it IS. It just doesn't fit neatly into conventional definition of literature.

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The following is a list of the manga I like. Since I only have the Chinese version for most of them, some information like name and date might not be accurate. Also, I have neither many scan images nor access to a scanner right now, so this could be a quite plain list. Sorry!

Cover page of YajiKita

YajiKita Gakuen Douchuuki

by SHITOU Ryuoko

One of my absolute favourite!!

Please go to YajiKita Gakuen Douchuuki Page for detail.

Poe no Ichizoku

by HAGIO Moto

Yet another one of my absolute favourite!!

*sigh* What can I say except that this is a beautiful beautiful story about vampire.

If you have seen _Interview with a vampire_(the novel or the movie) and were fascinated by it, you should definately try this one. There are lots of similarities between them, but I think it's only a coincident because Matt-sensei(I'll have a link to his page when I get his permission) told me that Hagio-sensei's _Poe no Ichizoku_ was published earlier than Ann Rice's _Interview with a vampire_ and the chance of Ms. Rice reading _Poe no Ichizoku_ in the '70 is remote.

"WHY would I want to read a similar book if I've already finished _Interview with a vampire_?" You might ask. Hmm... _Poe no Ichizoku_ is more romantic and the focus of the story is not only on the vampire, but also the people who met them. I really love the story telling technique HAGIO-sensei used here - several little stories in different times and settings grouped together to form a very dream-like story. *Sigh* I just love it.


by ITSUKI Natsumi

Yet another one of my absolut....well you get the idea ^_-

Ever picture how would it be like to put "OZ"(yeah! the infamous movie) and sicience fiction together? Well somebody has already done it, and it's excellent. The setting is after War World III. I will write more about it when I get time.

Boku no chikyuu wo mamotte" aka "Please Save My Earth"


"Every time I read it, it's an emotional shock!" -by my dear sister.

In north America, it is more famous than most shoujo manga I mentioned above since VIZ dubbed its OVA. I finally got to watch the 6 dubbed OVAs. Thought? Obviously the OVA were created mostly for PSME fans. I recomment anyone who plan to watch the OVA read the manga first. The reason is, the first 5 OVA followed the storyline of roughly vol.1-6 of the manga quite faithfully, which get you really interested, and then squeeze lots of clips from manga vol 7-21 into the final episode. Readers of its manga can simply complain: "What were the production team thinking?" and try to recap what happen from their memory, or better yet, reread the manga. I read the whole 21 vol three times right after finished watching the OVA. *dreamy eye* So...happy.... Oh! Back to the unfortunated soul who knows nothing about the manga :P I guess it's really frustrated to see an ending like that. It's even worse if you actually like the story.

I've heard that the dubbing job is excellent and even better than the original one. Well... I have never had the chance to watch the original OVA, so I can't make the comparison. For the English dubbing alone, it's not terrible since you can sense that the voice actors did try hard, and some of them can be great given enough time to gain more experience. Yet, it's more like "reading the lines with emotion" than "saying the lines like the characters would do if they were real persons". It's like, hmmmm.., how can I describe it? Ahh, I know! I felt like I was watching a News broadcast. So, I can't say that I love the dubbing.

Watashi o tsuki e tsurete'tte


Vol. 1 - 4

This story is about a cute couple, Don and Nina. At the first glance, it looks like a lollita manga since Don is 26 years old while Nina is a 10 years old girl. Don't be scared. There is nothing pervert inside. I would even say they have a relationship healthier than many "normal" couples. Unlike TAKEMIYA-sensei's many other famous works, whose theme are more or less serious, this is a rather light-heart one. Although I like those serious works done by various mangaka quite much, it's a nice surprise to find out that they can also do cute little pieces execellently.

Koko wa Greenwood aka "Here is Greenwood"

by NASU Yukie

Vol. 1 - 11

This one is more well known in North America, too. Its 6 OVAs had done a good job in capturing the essence of the manga - very funny and sometimes sweet. Being an avid manga fan of this series, it's unavoidable that I would really miss some very funny bits in the manga that got edited out of the OVA, still, to be fair, the OVAs ranked high in my favorite anime list. Now, speaking of the manga. Oh I can reread it again and again without getting tired of the joke inside.

Urusei Yatsura aka "Lum"


Vol. 1 - 34

Warau Mikael


Vol. 1 - 3

Doubutsu no oisha-san

by SASAKI Noriko

Vol. 1 - 12

I think this manga is a classic; and that it's in a class of its own.


by SAKURA Momoko

Vol. 1 - 13 


Sorry. Not much information of my favorite novel here yet. I'll get to that.