The Universal Way

Ton-Ji is a martial art that encompasses many styles from all over the world:

Shotokan/Aikido - Japan

Tae Kwan Do - Korea

Escrima/Kali - Philippines

Hung Gar/Choy Li Fut - China

Muay Thai - Thailand

Savate - France

Jiu-Jitsu - Brazil

Sombo - Russia

As you can see, Ton-Ji is a diverse system like Jeet Kune Do. In fact, many of the concepts of JKD are incorporated into this system. The instructors, Mel Roberts and Paul Boyle, continually seek training in other arts to further develop this system.

Beginning students learn traditional forms from Shotokan and Tae Kwan Do. They also learn self-defense techniques and some JKD concepts used in sparring. As they advance through the system, students can decide what they would like to learn. Some learn to use weapons like the sai, tonfa, bo, broadsword. Others like to try the combat arena where they can learn savate, muay thai, boxing, jiu-jitsu, and escrima/kali.

With the combat arena students can learn through light contact or full contact. Once students experience full contact stick fighting they get hooked and find out they need to learn jiu-jitsu and muay thai if they want to survive when someone closes the gap during a full contact bout.

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