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Hello & welcome. I am the Queen of the Moon. this page is dedicated to my favorite t.v. show Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon is anime.(Japanese animation) if you've seen Robotech, Hello Kitty or the movie The Last Unicorn then you've seen anime. Sailor Moon is a show about a young girl & her friends who become super heros & find out about their past off earth. it is currently ON the air,again:) on cartoon network at 4:00 p.m.!!!the 17 new episodes have started HURRAY!!! This page is full of manga even if i didnt give the pics interesting names. (not really info,sorry) im kinda picky about what pictures i put on my page, all these pics on my pages are rare or very pretty(i think)some which i scaned myself^-^. Feel free to take any of the pictures on here (except the one of "serena w/red hair" please)but if you do please put a link to my page on yours(i know it can be a pain too do,thanx:) This page is probably viewed best w/netscape cause thats what i have so i know it looks the way i want, im not sure about all but its not that great on aol.
I HOPE YOU ENJOY!!! you are thesailor moon fan to visit my page since march 15,98 THANX:)
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1st off this is My Melody, i adopted her, it you want to adopt an anime pet to go to the pet shop link at the bottom of my page for more info.

things to do

SONGthe negaverse bites the dust, by queen serenity

MY BANNERS(i think they look cool & they were fun to make)

THE AWARDS IVE WON for this page:) i got some im SOOO happy!

my pet dragon hes still a baby..i got him from hereits this kinda weird role playing thing. while your there be sure to read my status report for miss superhero ( but if you go there you can read others status reports)

my pic of sailor sirius my friends fan can read it here
more pics of her coming soon.
heres my fan art...including sailor moon, MKR, utena & harlock

my images

My Dark Side of the Moon(sailor moon villians)

my other anime pages

my other animes pagenewdedicated to some of my other fav animes,like bastard, vampire hunter D, CLAMP,unico,zenki & other stuff by Naoko Takeuchi:)

my vampire princess miyu page

newmy unicorn page new

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my links

beldandy's anime page
my lil sis's sailor moon page
Makoto Kino's sailor moon page
Archens anime page(including sailor moon)(he's Funny!!)
the scrub monarchythat weird almost rpg group im in where i got my baby dragon from. be sure to read the status reports:)

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The Ring of the Dimensions of Sailor Moon
Ring of the Dimensions of Sailor Moon
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