sailor moon pics

sailor moon


feel free to take any (except the one of serena w/red hair) but please put a link to my page.

princess Serena

sitting on the moon w/her scepter

princess serena wearing a cape w/bubbles at her feet

holding her wand in 1 hand & the grail in the other

serena w/red hair, one of my FAVES!

neo queen serenity praying

manga in a cool dress

silly pic of serena

moon in here whole outfit w/newspaper(?) in the background funny face moon w/cute luna

her w/the city in her cape & a super deformed her

manga moon holding rose

her holding a rose#2

her head w/bunny ears

sailor moon w/her glasses

her in a fuzzy sweater

SM blowing a kiss

princess serena standing in a pond

princess serena as a baby

SD of serena sleeping

serena surronded by crystals

flying wraped in beads

bunnys secret identity

princess serena holding up her wand


doing the peace sign w/skinny glasses

w/glasses in neptunes type school uniform

serena as a mermaid

in her school uniform, standing by a mountaion w/ the wind blowing her hair"

i'll huff & i'll puff & ill blow the villians down(cell)

newtype cover2

serena trying to change her look so darien will like her again

in her school uniform w/wings

on her knees holding sunglasses

a pic of her flying drawn by the artist of ah my goddess

serena w/bunny ears & ballons

sailor moon & prinsses serena w/moon staff

neo serenity angry

in school uniform w/luna on her head

serena sitting w/luna in the grass

serena & a sm mecha

serena w/starry eyes

holding herself in funnyface form

one of naokos original sketches of sm

serena w/a bright moon behind her

throwing her glasses looking carefree

surronded by orange flowers

sailormoon & princess serenity

holding her wand in front of her face

holding a boquet of pink daisys

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