"My name is Largo.

I am the maker of the new world.

Now, hand it over to me so I can free all my children that you hold as your slaves."


"Nabiki: You're a madman who designed to be a god.
Largo: Or maybe, the other way around: I'm a god who was designed to be a madman."
-- excerpt from a chat on Virtual Places.

One day I was browsing through my picture archive and a thought descended upon me from the blue: There were lots of pictures of the Knight Sabers, oodles of pictures of their mecha and hardsuits, supporting cast, MegaTokyo landscapes, but not a single picture of the archvillain - Largo. I checked this again. None. Then I went to the search engines and Bubblegum Crisis pages. Search engines returned only Bubblegum Crisis pages, and they, in turn, gave me lots of interesting links to other stuff, like shrines for Sylia, Priss, Linna and Nene (with heaps of pictures and information) and only two (sic!) pictures of Largo. This is simply not fair.

"The second revelation come from the fact that in order to coordinate an attack on Australia, Germany, the United States, etc. etc. would require that you change the orbits of 3 seperate satelites and have them over their targets at exactly the right moment. Largo managed to do this, and this feat alone makes me wonder how such a brilliantly evil person could fail. (The answer to that question, I guess, is Priss) " -- Jason Wilkins,

Shrines are there to show our respect to our ancestors, to remember them. Largo is a kind of spiritual ancestor to some of characters I wrote and played over the time, so it becomes my responsibility to keep such a shrine. Maybe, by proper worship we will calm his spirit and there will be just a little more Greater Good in the world of anime fandom. This shrine houses all of my Largo-specific material to date, as well as links. If you have anything else, email me please!

PS: When this page was added to the Bubblegum Crisis Links of Links, I went to check this. Looking at the visitors counter, I saw there five digits: 06666.... I wonder, if this is just a coincidence?

02-October-1997: A lot of time was wasted away since I last updated the shrine. I have received substantial support and more than one good email - thank you all, people! Some of this email was not without a picture or two, most newer pictures on the shrine come from Leon McNichol, for which pictures I send out an appropriate amount of thanks. ^_^ My shrine became not the only shrine featuring Largo on all the Net, but merely the only Largo-specific shrine - and that's good news too. And most improtantly, I finally got to see BGC with my own eyes! MUAHAHAHA! Soon, I'm going to get my hands on the OVA #6 and grab some more pictures for the shrine.

04-November-1997: And here they are, welcome the 24 picture grabs! The page has suffered a lot through this month, but I hope Geocities will be a more permanent location and that the page will grow.

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