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for more photos visit jadeheart.smugmug.com, only my trips and more interesting albums are listed here.

Morgan:Ongoing photos of my second doggie love and foster failure.

Griffen:Random Pictures of my first doggie love :)

Warm Fuzzy Holiday Party: December 22, 2007 - Tons of food, wine and good times. I even made everyone take a quiz. haha!

Mendel's Annual Yankee Swap: December 16, 2007 - This is the second swap at Mendel's, fun times. I think I gave the best gift ;).

Pulgas Ridge: November 12, 2007 - Mason, Kasha, Morgan and I found a nice place to hike off leash. Morgan's one happy dog there, if you ever want to go, let me know!

Sonoma Bike Ride: October 13, 2007 - Itien planned a trip to Sonoma, Michelle, Jen, Joyce and I stopped for lunch, rented some bikes and biked about 12 miles around wine country. I bought some great pinot noir vinaigrette and my thighs burned afterwards (from the bike ride).

Peru: September 15-26, 2007 - Took a trip with 6 other girls, we trekked through cities, mountains, ruins, and the jungle - Esther's Photos, Ivy's photos, Jen's photos, Jenny's photos.

Fort Funston Beach:September 10, 2007 - Adam, Mollie, Morgan and I decided to run around the beach and get sandy. :)

Chicago:August 18-19, 2007 - Mason and I went to visit Tracy et al. unfortunately we expected humidity and hot days.. we got rain and wind instead...brrrr

Aloha Fest:August 8, 2007 - Performing at Aloha Fest!

HS Surfer's Beach Day:- June 30, 2007: wind..sand..wind..sand...

FFR Surfer's Beach Dog Day:- May 29, 2007: Morgan discovers he loves the beach.

E Pili Kakou:- May 25-27, 2007: Another amazing hula workshop with my hula family.

CCS Staff Appreciation Dinner:- May 15, 2007: Dinner at Park Place.

Malasada Booth:- May 5, 2007: Our halau sold malasada's at the Polynesian Festival in Foster City.. mmmmmm

Borat:- April 21, 2007: Hey want to watch Borat with random friends.. sure.. add alochol, taco bell and a nap.

Costa Rica:- March 3-11, 2007: Jen and I met up on the last leg of Tracy's trip.. fantastic!

Random Night in SF:- January 6, 2007: Started with dinner and we went with the flow.

House 20 Reunion in NY:- November 24-27, 2006: Pete and Matt flew out to NY and we all crashed at Kris'. Good times. :)

Stripes Party:- October 13, 2006: Ameer and I planned a party in our "normal" fasion.

E Pili Kakou- September 29 - October 1, 2006: Hula Conference in Sacramento. AMAZING! I had such a wonderful experience there and it opened up my eyes and reminded me why I started hula.

Chillin' in the Forest BBQ- June 10, 2006: Yet another BBQ at the Forest! I had ribs we had to cook (left over from our annual Tahoe trip) So here they are!

Jen and Alvin's Wedding- May 27, 2006: My friend Jen and her fiance Alvin got married! No pictures with them, but here's our table. :P

Fuzz' Unofficial Houswarming- May 20, 2006: Jen and I helped Fuzz celebrate his new house.. wine, beer, cheese and crackers.. oh and watermelon!!

Human Race- May 13, 2006: Fundraiser for non-profit agencies, I walked for ours.

Illinois- April 22-26, 2006: Went to visit friends and do random things.. there's not much in Belleville or St. Louis for that matter. But we entertained ourselves.

Trip to Irvine- March 17-19, 2006: Went to visit friends, should have taken more photos.. got lazy.

Brunch with Ameer- March 25, 2006: Self-explanatory.

Colorado Snowboard Trip- February 23-26, 2006: Went to visit Tracy in Colorado and try out their mountains. Amazing! It was a grand ol' time. :)

Jenny's Birthday!- February 3, 2006: Took her out to dinner at an Indian restuarant on Santana Row and then off to the V bar.

The Bank & Albatross @ Xmas Break- December 2005: Tracy came home and we visited the Bank in downtown Saratoga and later that week the Albatross.. I love board games.

Christmas Break - Random- December 2005: Random stuff.. settlers, food, etc.

Festival of Lights- December 20, 2005: So Jen and I have always wanted to go see the Festival of Lights in Vasona Park. We finally made it.. :P $12 for a car to go through and watch lights.

Shabu Shabu- December 9, 2005: All you can eat beef, sapporo, and sake for two hours.

Wahine Philipino Pood Potluck - December 8, 2005: Getting together for adobo, lumpia, pancit, balls, bananas.. and so much more.

Thanksgiving 2005: High School Friends & etc - November 27, 2005: Turkey, prime rib.. potluck!

Thanksgiving 2005: Yang Family - November 24, 2005: Thanksgiving at Grandpa's with LOADS of good asian food. YUM!

The Bank & The Albatross - Thanksgiving weekend 2005: Really.. what gets better than games and alcohol.

Las Vegas 2005!- November 10th-12th, 2005: Partied in Vegas from the moment the plane landed to the next night.. I'm getting to 'old' for this.

Trip to New York- October 1st-5th, 2005: Went to visit my friend Kris who's studying at SUNY optometry school.. walked, ate, and got my eyes poked at.

Monkey's Turn 25! - August 27, 2005: Celebrated my birthday, along with Virginia's, Karen's, and Jen's at Dragon Bar. Loads of fun!

Teppanyaki Birthday Dinner- August 24, 2005: My dad threw me a birthday dinner with family, friends, boyfriend, and the entire Cisco ASR FY 04-05 team. :) It was great!

CCS - Cocktail Party - August 19, 2005: A going away cocktail party for our Executive Director, Jaclyn, hosted by my co-worker Barbara.. yuummmy!

August Ho'ike - August 6, 2005: "A Nostalgic Evening of Hawaiian Music" with Amy Hanaiali'i Gilliom featuring The Ladies of Moani Ke 'Ala O Ka Mailelauli'i and the Men of Ka Iho Makawalu A Ka Ua Kipu'upu'u.. for more pictures of that weekend click here.

Eugene's Birfday - Tracy's bro turns 21 and we help him celebrate. :)

Memorial Day BBQ - May 30, 2005: Yay for two BBQ's in one weekend.. YUUUMMMY!

Halau Memorial Day BBQ - May 21, 2005: Planned a Halau BBQ, great food and people.. but lots of wind..

Maroon 5 Concert - May 5, 2005: Karen's friend Oscar got us a few free tickets to Maroon 5.

LA Marathon Weekend- March 6, 2005: Wes ran in the LA marathon so went went down for the weekend.

Tahoe Snowboard Trip- January 7-9, 2005: let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Chicago- October 8-11, 2005: Tracy's Birfday was on the 13th, we went to visit!

Spring Break 2001: Cancun - April 2001: The stereotypical Cancun spring break. ;)

UCI: Third and Fourth years-September 00-June 02: Starting to learn the tricks.. ;)

UCI: First and Second Years - September 98 - June 00: A few flashes of my life from the awkward years of college.

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