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Episode Guide

Obviously, this page contain information on all the episodes. On this page, you will find the episode Title and code as well as a brief synopsis. Click on the title to have a complet description of the show, the air date and voice cast.

For now, there is only a few episodes witch you can click on.

The episodes are listed by seasons.

Season I

1.[1ACV01] Space Pilot 3000

Fry, a 25-year-old pizza delivery boy, is accidentally frozen and wakes up a thousand years in the future,
where he meets Leela, an alien cyclops, and Bender, a corrupt robot.

2.[1ACV02]The Series Has Landed

Flying to the moon is a routine experience in the year 3,000. For Fry, though, it's a destination that was unthinkable for the average citizen in his own time. So when the professor gives the gang a delivery job on the moon, Fry is overjoyed. He discovers, to his surprise, that the moon is now home to a theme park and some lunar farmers. Fry's determination to find the original moon-landing site with Leela becomes a matter of life and death. Meanwhile, Bender learns that romancing a lunar farmer's robot daughter can be hazardous to you CPU.

3.[1ACV03] I, Roommate
Fry and Bender form a human/robot "odd couple" after they decide to become roommates. And when they find the apartment of their dreams, Bender is kicked out because his antena jams the TV reception of the building, but Fry wants to stay. Will their friendship survive?

4.[1ACV04] Love's Labors Lost in Space
On a mission to save endangered animals from a collapsing planet, lonely Leela meets legendary starship
captain Zapp Brannigan - who (at least in his own opinion) is the universe's greatest ladies man.
5.[1ACV05] Fear of a Bot Planet

The crew must deliver a package to an all-robot planet, where radical robots kill humans on sight. Will they make it back out alive?
6.[1ACV06] A Fishful of Dollars

Fry discovers that the .93 cents he had in his bank account in 1999 has accrued 4.3 billion dollars in interest.Now extremly rich, Fry tries to pick up his life where he left off, until he clashes with Mom, a lovable industrialist for some... now extinct anchovies? 

7.[1ACV07] My Three Suns

While making a delivery to a planet with three suns, and populated by liquid beings, Fry accidentally drinks the Emperor and is proclaimed the new one, but will he survive long enough to enjoy his new title?

8.[1ACV08] A Big Piece of Garbage

With the help of Prof. Farnswoth's new invention, The Smelloscope, they discover a gigantic ball of garbage carelessly launched off Earth in the 21st century returns on a collision course for New New York City and Fry and the crew set out on a mission to blow it up.

9.[1ACV09] Hell is Other Robots

Bender puts his sinful lifestyle behind him when he joins the Temple of Robotology, but after returning to his
old ways, he is shipped off the Robot Hell.

By the way, the first ( and hopefully the last... just kidding ) Futurama musical.

Season II
ongoing season

10.[1ACV10] A Flight to Remember

he crew takes a voyage on the largest space cruise ship ever built with an ill-faited name... the Titanic, where romance blossoms between bender and a female robot. The captain, Zapp Brannigan, attempts to navigate the ship through a swarm of Icy comets.

11.[1ACV11] Mars University

Fry enrolls at Mars University, to prove he can be just as good of a dropout as he was in the Twentieth Century, Professor Farnsworth surprises him with a dorm roommate...a talking monkey. Meanwhile Bender, a legend of the robot fraternity Epsilon Rho Rho -- "ERR"-- leads a revenge of the robot nerds.

12.[1ACV12] When Aliens Attack

An alien race attacks Earth and only Fry knows the ancient secret, which can be used against them. An old 20th Century Ally McBeal-type TV show.

13.[1ACV13] Fry and the Slurm Factory
Fry and the gang win a tour of the alien factory where Slurm (the universe's most addictive soft drink) is
manufactured and they attempt to learn the nature of its secret ingredient.

14.[2ACV01] I Second That Emotion

Professor Farnsworth installs an empathy chip in Bender, wich forces him to feel human emotion. When Bender flushes Nibbler down the toilet, and shows no sign of remorse he is programmed to receive Leela's emotions. Overcome by sadness, Bender sets out to find Leela's beloved pet Nibbler and save him from the dangerous depths of the sewers, where mutated inhabitants lurk.

15.[2ACV02] Brannigan Begin Again

Womanizing Starship Captain Zapp Brannigan is court-martialed after he accidentally blows up the DOOP (Democratic Order of Planets) Headquarters and is stripped of his rank. Professor Farnsworth shows the ex-captain pity and hires Brannigan and Kipp as the newest member of his crew But unsatisfied with the fact that Leela's the captain, Zapp leads a mutiny to overthrow

16.[2ACV03] A Head In The Polls
It's nearing election day on Earth and citizens are given a choice between two clones: John Jackson and Jack Johnson. When a mine disaster traps 200 robots and the universe's supply of Titanium, the necessary ingredient to manufacture robots,  the precious element increases astronomically in value. Bender, now a rare and profitable robot, seizes the opportunity to get rich quick and sells his body to Richard Nixon. While Bender's head hangs out with Claudia Schiffer's at the "Hall of Heads", his body joins the race for President of the World.

17.[2ACV04] Xmas Story

Christmas sure has changed in the year 3000, a mechanicle Santa Claus charged with distributing prensents to the world's nice people, but his standards were set too high, and now, almost everybody are bad, so Santa's giving them a great present... Death!!!
18.[2ACV05] Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love

As mating seson approaches, Dr. Zoidberg returns to his homeworld to find a mate, but when his beloved falls for Fry, Dr. Zoidberg chalenges Fry to a duel to the death for the women he loves

[2ACV07] Put Your Head on My Shoulder

Valentine Day Special, Scheduled to air February 13th, 2000

[2ACV06] Lesser of Two Evil

Scheduled to air February 20th, 2000

[2ACV08] Raging Bender

 Scheduled to air February 27th, 2000

[2ACV09] A Bicyclops Built for Two

[2ACV10] A Clone of My Own

[2ACV11] How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back

 [2ACV12] The Deep South

[2ACV13] Bender Gets Made

[2ACV14] Mother's Day

[2ACV15] The Problem With Popplers

[2ACV16]  Anthology of Interest I

Season III
upcomming season

 [2ACV17] War is the H-Word
 [2ACV18] The Honking

 [2ACV19] The Cryonic Woman

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