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This section has 3 parts, the first contains links to other Futurama webpages, the second part contains links to Simpsons & Matt Groening webpages and as for the third part, it contains links that I personnally recommend. I rate every pages on a scale of 1 to 10, ( 1 being the lowest & 10 being the highest ) and I give some commentary on them as well.

If you want to be added to any sections below, just e-mail me your URL ( web address ) and I will go check it out. If it is suitable for any categories, then I will add yours to the list.

Link Index

Links to Futurama related webpages (comming soon!)

Links to Simpsons & Matt Groening related webpages ( comming soon )

Personnal Recommendations

An example of Link:



Rating ( ?/10 )


If you want to link my webpage, Futurama: Welcome to the Future, you can use one of the following banners or anyway you wish. Don't forget to give me your address as well too!

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