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BeauTiFul PoRtlAnd, OreGon Represent YouR HosTess
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***I personally would like to welcome u to mah beautiful homepage:) I hope u fine it enjoyable as u go about your search. I would like to say waddup to all mah boyz and gurlz frenz:) u know who u are...and keep it real too. Any questions or comments please feel free to let meeh know:) And keep SmiLinG cause Tha SeXySmile will alWayZ b WatchinG U heheheh...Love Y'alL--byeeee--
Oh YEa...Don'T 4gEt2 SiGn Mah BooK. LoVe 2 HeAr From Ya:)***

One MoRe LasT WoRd...I wannA ThanX Mah Frenz MinH LY FoR HelPin MeEh WiTh Mah hP...U Are A SWeet, WonderFul And PatiencE Guy:) It WaS Fun WoRkin WiTh u On Mah Hp...anD u GoTta SaY I AM A FaSt LeaRner *smile*...AnyWayz...WiThOut U Mah hp WouLd NoT be This PuRdy AnD nEAT! Oh AnD Don'T 4GeT to chEck ouT HiS PlaYgRounD

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