Anime is Japanese Animation and Gundam is by far my favourite anime. I also like to build Gundam model kits. If you want to talk about Gundam or need help building model kits, feel free to email me.

What's new?

G-Saviour game on playstation 2 should be coming out soon, can't wait to kick some ms butt. On the kit front, watch for Perfect Grade Wing0 to be out before the end of the year. This baby is going to rock! I was quite surprised to find my link in several site i usually visit, thanks for the support you guys and gals. I doubt there are gals who visit my page though. Since there has been so much support, I will do my best to update more often.

Char's empire is as good as ever. This section will trace the history of the great Char Aznable along with great pics I scanned from my G books. However, I must warn that basic Gundam background is needed in order for this section to make sense.

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Be sure to come again because I will constantly be upgrading this page.

Last update: SEPT 9, 2000.

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