Not that I'm one to make a huge change, this just seemed right... (Didn't it?) Anyway long time no change. That could be for a few simple reasons...

a) SCHOOL (damn university is twisting my mind.)

b) WORK (As if school wasn't bad enough... What ever happened to being cute and not having to work??)

c) The ALIENS!!!

d) All of the above.


OK this doesn't explain anything, but who cares. (I really don't...) Anyway, I could have blamed my complete laziness on SPAM (tm) and no one would have cared. Hey maybe I could blame it all on the rain like Milli Vanilli.... what do you think of that?

Well hell... Here we go... I've added a couple of thing. (Lisa will be so proud!) First there is this web ring for Fanfics and Stories. Then I've even added new links (heaven forbid..) A couple of new stories, and poof... you have a new page.. (well almost new...)



Okie... Not that this page says anything, but I have to try now don't I? (Even if it might just be the most pathetic thing I've done in a long while. So here we go... a Power Ranger STICK FIGURE site. Yes, That is what everyone hasd been waiting for! <giggle> Actually They can be cute... I hope. Oh well here is the link.... tell me what you think? Click here.


Well here we go...

To see my Stories page click here.

To see my links page click here.



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