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Blackman's Site Of Raves And Graves

First of all after Owen Hart's tragic death last night at Over The Edge, I must apologise for any Hart bashing found on this site. It will all be removed in the next few weeks. I wish all the best to Owen Hart's family and I'm sorry for their loss.

Welcome to my site of raves and graves, alright so all the raves and all the graves won't be to everybody's liking but (this is my disclaimer) this is MY page and MY views.


The views expressed in these pages are most certainly not the views held by the wondeful people at GeoCities or any of their associate organizations or are the views of the various companies involved in these pages (i.e. the World Wrestling Federation and Manga Entertainment etc.).

So you wanna know what my raves and graves are, huh? Well I'll tell you. This page is about the pros and cons of Cyber City Oedo 808, the raves and graves of the WWF and my personal views (which are echoed by thousands) on the WCW.

I'm not overly concerned about what you've got to say, but if you've got something positive to say or you just wanna chat e-mail me at or you can Sign my Guestbook.

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This page was formly owned by foxy_elf. For all those elf lovers, the elf is doing fine, harassing other web-site owners and bugging me for his website back. All I can say is: no chance. After all look at all the TIME and EFFORT I've put into this site c'mon it's about 200 times better than it was when it was in the elf's possession!

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