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I've given a name to my series of games, while its not a lott of of games, only 7, it is still 7 more new titles, and even with Telegames new 2, this would be a new generation of games. If all 7 hit in one year, it would really be a good "Generation". I have found a good, and trustworthy programmer (I do sincerely Hope) he sounds like a cool guy, I can't really know him in person, ( theres about 4000 miles between us ) me in the USA and him in Holland. Our first game (hopefully will be an Overhead Racer Possibly GP-Zeta, however, he infact aready has a game idea in his head, so we will see how things turn out...

On this page you will find about the Lynx G2 movement, hopefully all of us Lynx Lovers can get together and be part of the Lynx G2 movement ;)

Generation 2 games will hopefully be more complex than what we are seeing now by the hobbyists, not to say they are completely bad, but they tend to be way to simple, both in gameplay and graphics.

The Lynx is still the most powerful portable gaming system. It's 8 bit CPU mixed with its 16-bit GPU make it a force still to be reconed with in the portable world. While the N64 is a great system, wht can kids do( Kids, you know who you are ;)) when they go out on vacation? The Lynx is still the choice for all of you, my cousin, hes about 13, and he owns the N64, Genesis, NES, SNES, Gamboy, and ofcourse, a Lynx. We however only can play California games together. We can't find a good multiplayer game that he can enjoy as much as I do ( try to tell a 13yr old that he needs to land to get more ammo, or not to pull straight up thats why his nose drops on Warbirds ). Now with Lean Machines, a very down-to-earth racing game you can easily find your little cousin beating you, just like in Mario Kart...

So to answer the question, yes, the market is small, but if there is enuff interest, then we can still get new games, the G2 movment can help to unify a world wide interest in the Lynx into one powerful Unit, we can use eachother to find more programmers and artist, people who love to do what they are doing right now, but like the idea of making a real Lynx game. I for the longest time have been looking for a Lynx programmer, now that I have one, it would be great if I could find some more NFO for him so programming Lean Machines would be easier, perhaps if somone had even tried it already with a similar GFX engine, we could avoid the odles of 65co2 programming that they had 2 deal with, NFO helps allot.

How do U fit N 2 G 2 ?

For starters, you did find this page, so you didn't casually(likley anyway) just come across this page. You already must have some knowledge of the Lynx, but you likley own one. If you are a programmer, or artist, or just wondering what ever happened to New Lynxgames, you can contribute to a new Generation of Lynx titles over the next few years(or months, or weeks, you never know). It is probable that sice Lynx games are produced reletavly cheap, then the market for selling highquality games at 20$, for an 8player portable networkable computer with an ultra fast 100+kb/sec LAN capability, and sprite scaling( Jargain;) )could still be here. Also it is not likley for a New more powerful portable will surface anytime soon(knok on wood). Also the Lynx has a Loyal base of users like u and me, we still buy Lynx games.

Well as a possible future Lynx Developer, you might wonder about what does "Membership" entitle you to, well nothing, there is no membership, G2 would just be a way to have acess to talk with other people who wanna make a Lynx game...

In order to pull together a mass, and unify people, I figure that all Lynx games could have the G2 logo somewhere in them, but in plain view, like maybe a pretitlescreen post main author screen. G2 would impose absolutly NO restrictions to those who use the Logo, its just that all who use it will contribute to the G2 movement. G2 will be just like a "glue" that "bonds", not "binds", fellow Lynx developers (smaller ones, like my and my programmer) together, it will be a giant help net, were people who are stuck can get out, and get help. The placing of te G2 logo is not for G2 "advertiesment" as much as awhereness. If people see Lynx webpages with the G2 logo on them, and then new games with ther G2 logo in them, people will see that the newgames aren't just spurting up, but yet are part of a larger picture, you know what I'm saying?

It would be great if Lynx-Friendly webpages had a Lynx Focal Symbol on them, indicating that they are in some way related to the G2 movement, Other pages with Lynx development that arise, and are existing could be listed under the G2 focal Logo, indicating their asffiliation(used loosley) with G2, G2 could be a common ground for Lynx development.

We could also bring about a good way of making Lynx games like Sony has with their Playstation. Lynx Unix, as many little programs for Lynx development are being developed as their need arises. The booming sucess of the Playstation wasn't due to its 33mhz 32-bit risc technology, it was an everlasting supply of Good games, not just some nasty run of the mill, or goofy, simple, or shody games, but each game was constructed in a way so that it could run smoothly, and take advantage of the Playstation's capabilities. Lynx games are very good indeed, however they are not becomming "Showcase" type games. I'll admit Lean Machines and F1WC are actually dated concepts, but their graphics and gamplay concepts are fairly new to the Lynx and market in-general. My games will (as with pretty much ALL games) are "reworks" of games I have played before. A new idea is hard to come by, but they are there. Electrocop and Blue Lightening were two fine examples of a "showcase game" they used scaling, and manipulated many graphics on screen at once, with no slowdown. More games like these need to be produced with Lynx, it has the power to do it, and do it well, not nessecarily clones of these, but new ideas that can take advantage of something more than simple scrolling...

Maybe you'll Find that special programmer, or artist who thinks like you do, I think I found a programmin' guy who knows his stuff, and knows what I want to see in Lean Machines, or F1WC, or any of my games 4 that matter...

The G2 List


Here you wil find the small but growing list of people who are friendly to the G2 movement, they are almost "members", but since this isnot a club, these people are simply a part of G2, we are all the parts of it, we are all the founders of it. This is not to viewed as some " we all are becoming part of a large company" thing, but more as a large group, who will not nessecarily function under some G2 codes, but will be a help net, and also a comonality with Lynx developments. To put your name on this in no way binds you to anything. G2 is here to be a presence and allow the sucessful development of new Lynx Games. If you want to be included on the List E-Mail me: G2: Yes, I want to be on the G2 list, I'ts nice to know where people are from, so I'll need your name, country, what you are doing with the Lynx now, what kinds of people are you looking for to help you out(optional). If applicable, a company/demo group name, and what you specialize in( for me its art and game design ).

Keep it short!

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