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Welcome to Dave's
Kentucky Fried Chicken page!

Everybody needs a little KFC...
Cause if you eat too much you'll get sick.

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Wanna see the Butt Monster? ( )( )

Diablo 2 comic

My E3 pics:
Dead Or Alive
Lara Croft

Who's the MAN? I think it's the RICEMAN!

More info and MP3 file here!

Final Fantasy VIII: Eyes On Me

Composer: Nobuo Uematsu
Vocal: Faye Wong
A song written in Japanese, translated into English, and sung by a Cantonese singer.
Final Fantasy VIII... not just a game, it brings the world a little closer together.

Nothing on Earth could come between them...
except maybe a jelly doughnut.


05/14/2004 - hello!

11/23/2003 - new job! EALA!

04/18/2003 - still alive

02/20/2003 - Street Hoops 2...

08/20/2002 - Street Hoops!

10/15/2001 - ...

1/27/2001 - PSX games list updated for the final time. Some games missing because of bastards who borrow and don't return. After 3 good years the old PSX goes into the box forever. It's time for the PS2.

5/5/2000 - nothing new... how sad... go see the RICEMAN picture if you haven't already. =)

This page began it's life on December 5, 1996. (just so i remember)

Comming soon!

not a thing...

updated 4/16/97

playstation list here

Joke of the year:
Where do bees go to pee?
At the BP station!
Q: dammit dave! how many years has that been your joke of the year?
A: uh... three?
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