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  HI!!!  Finally back in busines.. ^.^ sorry for the delay, all..was workin' on other pages no da..you'll find 'em under the linkz section.  Anyway.  I don't have up as many poems as I'd like, but I can't blame Danyl anymore...he gave me my disks...him and Ali are so CUTEEEEE..anyway.  I've got all sorts of cool new stuff..like, a multimedia page, where you can steal all my coolie midi's and such.  The anime galleries will remain here forever and ever and EVERRR...tho' the character page has been removed and such.  Anyway.  Let's get on wit' it!

E-mail me. The_Angel_Dawn@hotmail.com

Ye Olde Updates! - So that you, the viewer, may know what's goin' on. ^.^
(last updated: 07/15/00)

Neverending Anime Galleries - The name sez it all..
(last updated: 03/29/00)

Words on a Whim - Poetry. 
(last updated: 07/15/00)

Coolish FanFics - ..aren't up. Well, there are a few.  But they aren't on any set page.  I need fic's, yall..;_;  E-mail them to me at the_angel_dawn@hotmail.com. WARNING:  Most of the 'fics in that folder are very yaoi/hentai.  If you don't know what that means, find out here.
(last updated: 03/29/00)

Picture Album - Pictures of me, my RL friends, and my 'net friends..(And the mythical DANIEL...ooooh, ahh...)
(last updated: 03/27/00)

Multimedia - That page I promised you. ^.^
(last updated: 07/15/00)

The Allmighty Megan McBride-Yazama - A profile on me!
(last updated: N/A)

Cool Stuff of the Month- This month:  GIVE ME IDEAS...O.O
(last updated: N/A)

Portals to Other Realms - Thousands(well, maybe not THOUSANDS) of other really cool webpages.
(last updated: 07/15/00)

I was Alone - I was all by myself..
(last updated: N/A)


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