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My page is still under construction - please check back later.

My page is devoted to anything interesting, from a guy's point of view of course.

Please call 800-GIVE-LIFE and help 3 people.

Here are some of my bathroom tips.

Download a demo of Asiaviewer. A Chinese, Japanese, and Korean text viewer. Very useful program for surfing asian sites. IE has it's own viewers for asian languages, but in my opinion they are just so slow. It is better to use Netscape if you are surfing Asian sites. I like the new IE for some things but not for surfing any asian language site.

Download a popular chinese card game, Big2 also known as Chor di dee for Windows 95.

Some of my favorite sites are Arstechnica, Anandtech, and Appledaily. And thats just the A's.

Oh, here are some interesting pictures. And congrads to Kagetora on new addition to the family.

Check out my friend Kagetora's page

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