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Hi! Welcome to Kurama Rose Webring! This ring is belonged to KK-chan which is me! :D This webring is mainly the ring for Kurama or Youko, either one, or it can be both if you liked. If you have a page or pages about him, anything related to that, please join. Well, the reason you entered here is because you wanted to join this ring, isn't it? ^-^

1.Before your site can be part of the Animanga Ring, you must place the fragment on your webpage.
2.Don't remove the ring fragment as long as your site is in the ring.
3.There'd be no adult(x-rated) sites in the ring.
4.This ring is for sites must be related to Kurama or Youko. Image Gallery is fine too.
5.After submitting your site, you can go and download the pics for the ring here.

If you want to submit your site in here please fill in the information form below. Please note that your site is NOT YET in the ring. After submit your form, please email the ringmaster (that's me) and give your site ID and I'll take a look. Want to Mail me? Click here!

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