History of Jews in Tolna county, Hungary

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This homepage is about the settlement, history, culture, traditions and eventual destruction of the Jewish community of Tolna county in Hungary.

Jews, as well as Hungarians and Germans, contributed greatly to the reconstruction of this areas ravaged by the wars against the Ottoman Empire. After the area was liberated from the Turkish rule, it was sparsely populated. It was up to the new settlers to build a new life on ruins, to start agriculture, industry and trade.

The Jews settled from Germany, Austria, Bohemia, Moravia and different parts of Hungary, were involved in rejuvenating the economy of Tolna.

Tolna was a center of Jewish culture as well. Famous yeshivot flourished, rabbis known all over Europe lived and worked here, Hebrew books were published and synagogues built.

All this came to a tragic end when the Jews of Tolna were deported and killed.

We are about to preserve the rich culture and traditions of this community, to present it to all interested.

The map of Tolna county

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