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AJ was born on Sunday, February 28,1999 @ 07:41 AST and weighed 6 Pounds 15 ounces, 21 inches long.. My Mom and I returned home Wednesday, March 3rd. I'm growing and can hold my head up when lying on my tummy (6/2/99). AJ is proud to tell u that he can now crawl. Took his 1st step last nite (10/4/99).

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I live with my parents, Robert and Jackie Greene in Nairn Centre, Ontario, Canada. As my Mom says, "I saw a picture of Terryn, Uncle Robert's baby girl born 2/12/99, and she looks like Aaron. They can pass as twins". My sister, Danni, and brother, Kenny . have a WebPage called the Internet Fun House. I went to Marine World in California and we had a Shark Attack picture taken.

Mom's parents traveled to Vietnam last year to build the White House East, their new home in GoCong. It was completed in July,1998 and Grandpa travelled there in March-May 1999 (Vietnam Trip #6). He went to Vietnam again in Y2K (Jan-May 2000) (Vietnam Trip #8).

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