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Township of Nairn, Ontario - CANADA

My sister, Jeanine, and brother, Robert, and I lived with my parents in Walnut Creek, California and we all graduated from Ygnacio Valley High School (YV) in Concord, CA. Our education was worldwide and I attended thirteen(13) different schools on four continents, including AIS in Salzburg, Austria, before graduating from YV. 17Sep08-Go To Dad's USA Home Page

The Robert and Jackie Greene Family lives in the Township of Nairn and Hyman, Ontario Province - CANADA; my husband is an electronics technician and is the Hyman-Nairn Centre Fire Chief. The Fire Department was issued a Certificate of Compliance by the Sudbury Fire Marshall's office and my father attended the ceremony on September 2, 2003 during his USA-Canada Trip/Photos. I am a housewife and was a waitress at the Rainbow Truck Stop in Nairn Centre. Two of our children, Kenneth Thomas Greene and Danielle Ly Greene, used to attend school in the Espanola School District . Kenny graduated from elementary school in June 2001 and is attending high school in Lively, ON. My third child, Aaron Joshua (AJ) George Greene was born February 28. 1999. They have a webpage called the Internet FUN HOUSE that includes interesting internet sites for kids.

Click to go to World Travel Webpage The Tom Premo Family are World Travelers and my parents made a trip to Vietnam in April 1998 where they arranged for construction of the White House East, their new home in GoCong; the home was completed three months later in July,1998. Dad travels there each year, usually for six months; see his Vietnam Travel Webpage. I and my son, Kenneth, traveled with my Mom and Sister to Vietnam in March 2002 (VN Trip#11). We stayed in my parents home and visited many of their family and friends in Vietnam/PHOTOS.

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