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Edna May "JACKIE" Premo passed away on January 10, 1997 at the home of her family in Walnut Creek, CA, TOM and Ly-Huong Premo. She had several Cao Dai (Vietnamese) religeous services in the Walnut Creek home, Pleasant Hill and Burney Cemetaries, and in the San Jose Temple which were attended by her grandchildren, see photo at right.  She is buried in the Burney Cemetary with her husband, Roy Thomas Premo, and her granddaughter, Debra (Debbie) Premo.

JACKIE was a registered nurse (trained in Butte, MT and at John Hopkins in Maryland) and she lived in Klamath Falls, OR for over twenty years and in Burney, CA. She was married to Roy Thomas Premo, an office manager for Lorenz Hardware in Klamath Falls and for Lorenz Lumber Company in Burney and they raised two sons, Roy Thomas (TOM) Premo, Jr. and Gerald (JERRY) Lee Premo.  Both boys graduated from KlamathUnion High School (KUHS).   TOM attended Oregon Institute of Technology (OTI) and obtained a BS in Accountingfrom California State University at Chico  (CSUC). JERRY attended Shasta Junior College and graduated from the University of California at Berkeley.  

Click to see some of the world places Jackie visited JACKIE was a World Traveler and made two trips to Vietnam (1968 and 1970), Indonesia (1978) and Saudi Arabia (1984). However, she didn't get to see The Whitehouse East, the Minh_TOM and Ly-Huong PREMO home in  Go Cong. It was completed in July,1998 and TOM has traveled to Vietnam each year thereafter. Tom's wife, our daughters, Jackie and Jeanine, and grandson, Kenneth, travel to Vietnam in 2002 after the Vietnamese New Year/TET.


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SSDI Death Index - Residence:  Burney, Shasta, CA 906013
EDNA "Jackie" PREMO - Born 14 Jul 1907 - Died 10 Jan 1997
ROY Thomas PREMO - Born 2 Apr 1907 - Died 6 Jan 1961
DEBRA JEAN PREMO - Born 16 Sep 1958 - Died 10 Jan 1963



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