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We still haven't rebuilt the World Trade Center
nor have we captured Osama bin Laden
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I was at the World Trade Center(WTC) in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington DC in June 2001, three months before the 9-11 Terrorist Attack. Terrorists also planned attacks on the NYC subway system and the Chicago Sears Tower. I visited NYC in 2003 to view Ground Zero and was at the Sears Tower in Chicago. Thank goodness the terrorists delayed their attacks in 2001 and failed on their 2003 and 2006 attacks as I might be on the WTC, Washington DC and Chicago Terrorism Memorials; see WTC/Flag and Ground Zero Photos.17Sep11, 2008Click to go to Tom's USA Home Page

Where in the "KORAN", the Islamic Holy Book, does it say that one can conduct suicide bombings and similar actions to kill fellow countrymen, innocent civilians and "infidels". Osama Bin Laden - Al Qaeda and other terrorists have based their actions NOT on the "KORAN" but on the "HADITH" writings of Muhammed. The 9-11-01 "Attack on America" is an example of how these radical Muslims have perverted Islam.

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Click to go to Tom's World Travel WebpageThe TOM Premo Family are world travelers and can appreciate how Muslims living in the USA feel about "hostility toward foreigners". Tom and his family, especially the girls ( Tom's wife, Ly -Huong and our daughters, Jackie and Jeanine), felt the same way when they lived in Muslim countries overseas when he worked for Bechtel in Indonisia on the Badak LNG Project (1974-79) and in Saudi Arabia on the KKIA International Airport Project (1980-85). In fact, the Taliban's prime Target is Women in Afghanistan.

Now that Tom is retired he spends one-half of the year in Vietnam and one-half in the USA. He also travels annually by train, Amtrak - VIA-Rail Canada, to visit friends and family and these rail trips have included stops in |Sacramento | Redding | Klamath Falls | Portland | Seattle | Vancouver BC | Great Falls | Chicago | Toronto | Montréal | New York | Washington DC | Albuquerque | Las Vegas. Interesting places visited: World Trade Center / Photo | Whitehouse/ Photo | Pentagon/ Photo | Sears Tower/ Photo | Las Vegas Strip/ Photo.

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