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Click to go to World Travel Webpage TOM and his family are World Travelers and after working in Vietnam with RMK-BRJ and USAID he joined Bechtel and the family traveled to Indonesia where he worked for five years (1974-1979) on the Pertamina/P T Badak LNG Refinery construction project/Photo. They lived in Jakarta for one year and then transferred to the jobsite which was located in the jungles of Borneo at Bontang, East Kalimantan and his children attended the Bontang International School; click to go to the Reunion webpage. 14Oct06-Click to go to Tom's USA Home Page

Now that Tom is retired he spends one-half of the year in Vietnam and one-half in the US, with train trips to visit friends and family in the US and Canada.

USA-Canada Trip#07 -2007- Pending 11Oct06-Click to go to Tom's USA Home Page
USA-Canada Trip#06 -2006- Cancelled 14Oct06-Click to go to Tom's USA Home Page
USA-Canada Trip#05 -2005- Left- 15May Returned-14Jun 2005
KUHS Reunion Trip#18B -2004- Left-22Jul Returned-26Jul
USA-Canada Trip#18A -2004- Left-15Jun Returned-14Jul
USA-Canada Trips#14 -2003- Montana/USA-Canada Jul-Sep
USA-Canada Trip#13 -2002- Cancelled
USA-Canada Trip#12 -2001- Left-31May Returned-30Jun
USA-Canada Trip#112000- Trip#11 31May-30June
USA-Canada Trip#9 -2000-Amtrak/VIA Rail Trip: Aug-Sep
USA Trip#7 -1999- Left Bay Area-17Jul Returned-3Aug

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