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Career Development Books            


Workers Compensation Information.

                                                NYS Workers Compensation Board – All kinds of information about workers compensation.

                                                Injured Workers Advocate – Injured and having trouble with your WC case?  Here is where to go for help in getting the answers.


Note that may of these sites have been set up to work specifically for the Upstate NY Capital Region.

                                                NYS DOL Unemployment Online Filing – File for Unemployment on line.  This includes initial and weekly filing requirements.


Health Plus – If you children do not have health care then by all means visit this web site.

Child Health Plus – This site explains New York States Child Health Plus Insurance.  This insurance is for all children, even if you are working.  Please review this information if you children do not have health insurance.  It even covers vision, and dental care for children under the age of 19.  This heath insurance could even be FREE.

Family Health Plus – This site explains New York States family health insurance program.  It covers such things as; What if covers; Where to get it, Who is Eligible, etc.

Child Care Locator

Capital Region Child Care Directory – One place to find a listing local child care centers.  Note that the navigation for each page on the bottom of each page.

Learn to Speak in Public                                                                               Back to the Top

Toast Masters International – If you want a very inexpensive way to learn to speak in front of people, either for your job or just to build self-confidence, then be all means join this organization.  Normally the cost is very reasonable and they are local and convenient to almost all personal schedules.

Jobs with New York State

Current Specific Jobs – This web site contains many specific jobs currently available in NYS.  Note that some of them are only obtainable if you are currently a NYS employee and eligible for transfer.

NYS Jobs – A good place to start your job search from if you are looking for employment with the State of NY.

Examination Dates  -- Current posted dates for NYS Civil Service Exams

Hot Jobs – Jobs that NYS is paying particular attention to because they are having a hard time filling.

Continuous Recruiting Positions – Positions that NYS is continuously recruiting for.

Workers with a Disability Programs (55b – c) – This is for those individuals with disabilities, both Military Veterans and non – Military Veterans alike.

New York State Civil Service – List of important phone numbers for NYS Civil Service.

OASAS CASAC Certification Process – Link to the OASAS Substance Abuse & Alcohol Counselor Requirements.


General Job Search Info                                                                               Back to the Top


Job Hunters Bible – This site is based on the great career development and job search book “What Color is Your Parachute.”  An absolute must if you are serious about your job search.  Online, off line, old style, new style, or any other style of job search or career advancement you want to call it – this one is the Grand Daddy of them all.


O- Net Online – This is a site that you can use to assist you in determining specific job information and how they relate to the skills you have.  It was development by the government.



Resume – How to prepare one         


 Resume Center – has a wonderful resume center that really does answer a lot of questions about resume preparation.


Resume Posting Service – Tired to posting resumes on each of the job boards.  Here is a service you might want to consider.  It may well cost you money, however if you can afford it, it can save a lot of time and effort.  NOTE:  Read their contract carefully.  We do not endorse there product we simply provide this information because we have been asked how to go about posting resumes on line.  PLEASE make sure everything you enter is absolutely correct and looks top shelf – it is probably going to be seen by a lot of people.  If you are not willing to relocate, this may well not be worth your money.





Interviews – How to prepare for the interview                                             Back to the Top


Interview Center – Once again has a wonderful interview center that really does answer a log of question about interviews.  There is even some practice interviews.  It includes what to do to prepare for an interview as well as what to do after and interview.


Test Interviews – Self-scoring interview tests.  Follow the instructions very carefully and see how you to.  There are two test,  take them both.  Test “A” and Test “B”



Military Veterans Transition Military Transition –  This is a wonderful site if you are transitioning out of the military – either retirement or end of tour.



Local Gov’t Job Listings


                                                Albany County Job & Exam Listing – Albany County Civil Service Postings


                                                Saratoga County Job & Exam Listing – Saratoga County Civil Service Postings.



Finding Phone Numbers, Addresses and Driving Instructions                    Back to the Top

Phone & Address look up – The best way to find an address given a phone number is to place the phone number in the Google search box.  Include area code.  The search will search phone directory and any existing web sites with that phone number.  Click here for a better explanation of how this works.

New York State Phone Numbers – Need a phone number of an organization within NYS?

NYS Dept of Labor Office information – Phone numbers and locations of NYS Dept. of Labor.



 Capital District VESID Home Page – Find current VESID information.

                                                Capital District VESID Orientation Schedule – VESID service entry Process

Actions upon Disagreement with VESID – Place to go if you need to know what can be done if you disagree with VESID on your services.

VESID Policy Manual – Here is the VESID policy manual.  A great place to start if you want to know why your VESID counselor is doing what they are.

Reasonable Accommodations


SOAR – Searchable online site that will walk you through some very specific help with identifying specific limitations and examples of  reasonable accommodations that may help.


JAN – Absolutely a wonderful site to find information about any aspect of Disability Resources.  If you are looking for information about any aspect of working with Disabilities here is a great place to start.



Federal Gov’t Jobs                                                                                        Back to the Top


Federal Gov’t Jobs  -- Here is the master site for almost every federal job that maybe available.


Special Help  -- Have a disability and want to know how that affects you in getting a Federal Gov”t Job.


General Information – Here is a great place to look for salary scales, how to apply, employment issues, etc.



 Local Newspaper Classified Ads


Albany Times Union (Greater Capital Area) – I would highly recommend looking at least the Sundays Classified ads at least weekly.  You can review Sundays ads anytime up to the following Sunday.


The Post Star (Glens Falls) – Unfortunately the Post Star requires a fee payment to use it on line.


The Saratogian (Saratoga Springs area) – For the greater Saratoga Springs area.  Recently upgraded and wonderful site.  I would highly recommend looking at this site.  It offers a lot of career information along with the job listings.


Schenectady Daily Gazette – Local job listing from the Schenectady Gazette.


Local Job listings                                                                                           Back to the Top

                                                Saratoga Chamber – A great job place to find jobs not only in Saratoga County, but the greater Capital Region as well.

Flip Dog – One of the better search boards. 

                                                 Channel 6 Local Jobs listing --This is growing and receiving a lot of press.

Hot jobs – This major job board lists quite a few area jobs.

The Monster Board --This major job board does list quite a few area jobs. Many of the major recruiters and employment agencies list here.

New York State Job Bank – Search NYS Dept. of Labor Job listings.  Also a good place to build an online resume.

 Capital Region Jobs – One of the Newer job listing services in this area – growing quickly.

Glens Falls Hospital – Largest employer in Glens Falls area.

Saratoga Hospital – One of the larger employers in Saratoga Springs.

NYS DOL Job Bank – On line connections to NYS Dept. of Labor Job Bank.  Same connection you get when you go to the NYS DOL office, only you get to do it from home.


Social Security Disability Information

Social Security Work Site (Red Book 2002) – If you are on SSDI or SSI and want to work then here is the place to start.

Workers Compensation and its effect on SSDI – Over view on how Workers Compensation and other Disability benefits my effect your SSDI

SSI – What you need to know when you get SSI

Social Security Disability Benefits – If you have a disability and think you might be interested in seeing what Social Security Disability Benefits are, then here is a great place to start.

Toll Free Phone for Social Security – If you want information about your specific case with Social Security then here is the place to get it – and it is free.

SSD & SSI Appeals Process – If you do not agree with Social Securities determination on you disability claim then here is a good place to start.  Remember you may only have 60 days to appeal.


Salary Information                                                                                         Back to the Top


Salary Information – Great link to a good all around site for making salary estimates for local jobs.  Brand new site!!


NYS Independent Living Centers - Locations and Phone numbers

 NYS Independent Living Centers – List of ILC’s in NYS


 Consumer information

 US Consumer Information Center – Great consumer information.  Much of it is free or for very low cost.


Bus Schedules and Information

 Capital District Bus Routes and Times -- CDTA schedules, maps and information..

Greater Glens Falls Transit (GGFT) – GGFT schedules, map and information

Directory of New York State Public Transit Operators  -- Find the list of Public Transit Operators throughout NYS.  Includes phone numbers, addresses, etc.

                                                                        Back to the Top

Great Career site(s) where you can find wonderful information (books, assessments, software) on everything to do with every aspect of looking for work.

                                                Jist Publishing --- Brand new site and very well organized.  Great place to get the latest Career and Job Search News.


Great Books – Looking for some good books on job search.  Check these out.

Barnes & Noble – Here is a whole list of Career and Job Search books.  Some specific to particular fields as well as general ones.


                                                                        Back to the Top