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Tomcat's Lil' Red Express

Express Picture

This is a picture of my Lil' Red Express Dakota.

Bought new in 1992, it is #4 of only 32 trucks reportedly produced.

It came with the LE package, including 232 HP 5.2 litre V-8 Magnum engine, 4 speed overdrive transmission, and 3.90 limited slip differential.

This truck has been in several car shows, including the Mopar Invitational in Edmonton, AB.

Performance specs: 1/4 mile just under 16 secs
0-60 just under 8 secs (tailgate up)

True to the original trucks, which were the fastest production trucks for '78-'79, the '92 Dakota was quicker than any other trucks produced that year, including the 454 SS (personally tested & confirmed :-).
Side View Back View

Spinin Tire

Doing research into the original Lil' Red Express Trucks (1978-79), I found that they originated in an attempt to get around the government imposed horsepower bans on muscle cars in the mid to late 1970's. It seems that although horsepower had been restricted in an attempt to kill the muscle car rage, light trucks had comparatively few restrictions, this opened the door to a unique market. The look of the original trucks were, and still are, to say the least impressive. Whether you see one in great shape, or run down, they tend to draw attention like few others. I have yet to go to a car show and see these beauties scattered around, mixed in with other show cars, they always seem to be grouped together, dead center of a crowd

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I would really like to get more pictures of the Midnight Express and Warlock trucks if anyone has them.

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