Aired from: Dec 11, 1980 to May 1, 1988 162 eps CBS 60 min color mono


                Starring : Tom Selleck as Thomas Sullivan Magnum III

           Co-starring : John Hillerman as Jonathan Quayle Higgins III
                                 Larry Manetti as Orville "Rick" Wright 
                                 Roger E. Mosley as Theodore Calvin (T.C)
          Lets not forget  Zeus and Apollo  the 4 legged regulars the Dobermans 

    Recurring roles  : Gillian Dobb as Agatha Chumley
                                 Kathleen Lloyd as Carol Baldwin
                                Jeff Mackay as Mac Reynolds/Jim "Mac" Bonnick
                                 Kwan Hi Lim as Lt. Tanaka
Elisha Cook as Francis Hoffstedler (Icepick)
                                 Lance  LeGault as Col. Buck Greene
                                 Jean Bruce Scott as Lt. Maggie Poole
                                 Marta DuBois as Michelle Hue
                                Kristen Carriera as Lily Catherine (Magnum's daughter) 
                Orson Welles as the Voice of Robin Masters (until his death in Oct.1984)


My Magnum P.I. synopsis :                                

  Thomas is a private investigator who lives and works in Hawaii. He was born in and grew up in Tidewater, Virginia where the rest of his family still lives. Before he became a P.I he worked for the NIA - Naval Intelligence, the Navy's version of the CIA. He lives on an estate known as Robins Nest, which is owned by a man named Robin Masters who is a millionaire novelist. Thomas lives on the estate as chief of security, and gets to drive a Ferrari, which is one of about three Robin Masters cars. He has frequent run-ins with the man who runs the estate whose name is Jonathan Higgins, who likes to have things run in a regimented way, with rules and discipline. The two of them don't quite get along, and Tom tends to get on Higgins nerves, probably because Higgins likes things done with order and Thomas likes to do things his own way, without rules. Higgins is a major domo of sorts who looks after the estate for Robin Masters. There are also two Doberman guard dogs, named Zeus and Apollo. Higgins refers to them as "the Lads". They also just kind of tolerate Magnum. Most likely because they sense the way Higgins’ is with him, and Magnum does tend to tease them sometimes.

  Thomas has an uncanny way of sometimes painting himself into a corner while working on a case and he also tends to get beat up quite a bit. He doesn't like it when people call him a private detective, he likes to be referred to as an investigator and gets very picky about it, thus telling people that he is a Private Investigator. He has a code that he lives by and that is not to mix business with pleasure. He was married once, but his wife was thought to have died in the war, but later is found to be very much alive and married to a Vietnamese General. His favourite sport is baseball with the Detroit Tigers being his favourite team. He also likes to play basketball, and volleyball with his friends, Rick and T.C. Some of the other things he likes are Milk and Fig newtons, Old Duesseldorf in a long neck, his rubber chicken, and his variety of baseball caps. The ones he wears most, are the Detroit Tigers and the Da Nang cap.

  Higgins is originally from England where he was born and has 3 half brothers - Elmo (Elmo Ziller), who hails from Texas, Father Paddy (Patrick McGuiness) from Ireland and Don Luis Higgins and 1 half sister - Soo Ling. He doesn't like to acknowledge the fact that they are even related to him. He likes to tell stories about the wars he's been in and can go on and on about them. Someone can mention something about whatever and it will remind him of something that happened to him in one of his wars. Half the time when he starts talking about a war story to Thomas, Thomas will just turn around and walk away.

  Rick, who had his own club for a while until it closed down, now manages the King Kamehameha Club. It is a private club only open to members, which Thomas is not really a member of, but because he lives at the estate and is a guest of Robin Masters is sort of allowed in, and he does spend quite a bit of time there. It is also run by Higgins who is on the board of directors. Rick has one sister who is killed while out on a non-date with Thomas. He has what is known as a glass jaw because if he gets punched in the face, he's out like a light.

  TC (Theodore Calvin) owns and runs his own helicopter service. He has charters for customers to fly them all over the Islands. Often when he goes out flying with Thomas he ends up with a bullet hole in his windshield. He is divorced with two kids.

  Rick, TC, and Thomas had known each other since Vietnam, which is where they met and became friends.

Some favourite quotes :

" Work the lock, Don't look at the dogs "  " You looked at the dogs "
" I can explain "
         " I know what you're thinking "
" Trust me " 

" Zeus, Apollo, Patrol "
" Magnum!, What are you doing? "

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