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Thomas Aloysius Gross

Hi. I'm Tom Gross.

TomG covers a pretty, sad song by the Great Lake Swimmers called Moving Pictures Silent Films

I work in Bannockburn, Illinois for Open Text (a Canadian company). How's our stock doing?
I was born in in 1956 (the Chinese Year of the Monkey) in Albany, NY
on November 1st, (All Saint's Day; the Celtic New Year, Samhain and the Mexican Dia de los Muertos).
I graduated in 1974 from Guilderland Central High School (Go Dutchmen!).
My degree is from St. Margaret Mary's School.
Here's the obligatory picture of my dog, the late Nina Baker-Gross (1985-1995).
And here's an optional picture of Nina and me.
Some people wanna fill the WWW with silly pictures (what's wrong with that?).
Check out some of my (poorly organized) links, if you like. And then get back to work!

Cheers ...
Salud, dinero, amor ...
... luz verdad y pez (oops I mean 'paz'),

- Tom Gross


  • Read my letters to the Chicago Tribune

    watchs and i dont agree" - Jeff Buckley

  • My Hallowe'en '98 costume

  • My tattoo

  • My abode

    Family and Friends' Links:
  • My dear brother Jim's Blade Run Page

  • My brother Jim's Knight's Templar Page

  • How's my dear buddy J.T. doin'?

  • What has the multi-talented, eminently entertaining KungFro Tibs been spending his time doing?

  • Being fortunate enough to know an awesome young man like Brad the Impaler, AKA Mordon Sis�li� renews my faith in the youth of this new millenium. He's one cool kid. Very creative. And he has some interesting, creative friends, too.

  • My dear, buddy, Paul's web page Angelbug Central.

  • Every now and then you meet a brilliant, delightful young man full of enthusiasm and confidence, who is open minded yet skilled at critical thinking, who can engage in insightful, evocative conversation on topics from the mundane to the profound, who seems to easily surf the currents of this life in all its comedy and seriousness.
    I'll bet my friend, Excitable Paul, knows some people like that. ;-)

    Pix & Photogs:
  • Tom Flies!
  • Check out some photogs of JT's trip to Chicago.
  • Check out some photogs of JT's & Mary's 17th Anniversary.
  • Here's some pix of Tom & Allen's trip to Albany
  • See Tom & Allen in South Dakota
  • Tom visits India and Nepal
  • Tom visits New Zealand!
    While in New Zealand, I stayed at Troutbeck, a lovely, gay owned Bed and Breakfast in Ngongotaha, a little town outside of Rotorua. Check it out if you go there, tell Ken and Tali that I sent you.
  • HEY!!! Check out some of my (cheesy, but still copyrighted) computer "art"!!

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  • Matthew Shepard Tribute

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