If All These pop-up Banners Make YOU Mad!!!
Thomas Mauldin
I'm tom if you've already been here before well some how it all changed and got messed up i have to redo it and now I've updated some stuff.

A little advice to everyone. Be sure you know what your doing before you do it. Every thing has consiquinces. And every thing is temporary. Love, peace, and nucleur holocaust.

I'm single again for those of you keeping up with my life. I have updated my site. The dacshund page is working go look at the cuteness. I have also been taking some HTML classes go check out what I made. Satan can leave with his wiffle ball bat. God has done something for everyone. And Dachshund's are cute puppy's.

OH my band page still sucks so if you have a band with a name tell me, email me, call me i'll put you on here.

New Stuff always coming.
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To see the page the way I origianally ment for it to be seen go to this page and download it.