Gallery of cars
Project 36' ford
This is my daily driver . I will be adding more shots of it and of some other 454ss's in my area. As of 3/19/2002 this truck was sold.
91' 454SS
1969 Was a VERY good year !
This picture was taken while fixing the rear end.The rubber pad that sits on the leaf springs came loose when a shift to 2nd gear shifted the rear housing.Notice the 3 69' Corvettes and the 69' Camaro in the garage.( those belonged to F-I-L)
1988 Jeep Wrangler (The Wifes)
its not chevy but it was fun.;
1992 Chevy Blazer (The Wifes)
73' RS Camaro
Havin fun.
Don't try this at home (ya right )
This was also 1991 we were only dating 2 weeks .The 68 is hers all origanal 327 powerglide air con. nice ride (wonder what attracted me?haha)
1991 Just met.
This was a project gone south.bought for my b-i-l when he was 10 never completed . this car can also be seen on
57 chevy
39' street rod
Pin hole Z/28
picture taken using pin hole through a can.
39 crab park
Behind the house,thats a close up of the 69 rs/ss (nice ha)to bad it wasn't mine.these are my father-in-laws toys
39 & 69
81 vette
Brother-in-laws first vette
70 1/2 Z-28
67 rally red
54 plum krazy
68 chevelle
mid years rule man!
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