Hey Guys and welcome to my hompage. Now I know its not much now, but I'm working on it. And sorry for all of the boxes... I guess I'm in some weird artistic mode that involves only boxes right now haha. Well, thanks for stopping by again and also excuse my page name "tommyboy1der," because I made that a really really long ass time ago back when I was a kid and thought it was a catchy SN, and I'm just too lazy now to create a new username/page name. Thanks for coming, peace out.








3/02/02: I've posted up pretty much all the pictures now and everything's pretty much up to do date. I still have more that's from last spring semester and fall semester and I also have pictures from a party we had... So that'll come up later.

More new pictures from '01... i have more, and i'll put them up once they're scanned.

2/20/02: New pictures on the photos... well, its actually really old high school pictures... so nothing recent yet... but I'm getting there.

2/19/02: I'm finally updating my page that I've had since 10th grade year and that I've sort of messed w/ over the years... my last update was senior year summer in highschool, so its been about a year and a half. Its format is sort of like my Dac Biet Boys page... so oh well, I guess I'm not that original. So far only my stupid Bio page is up and some pictures.

Roomate David being really stupid w/ the camera.

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