I'm a student in University.My major is not Photography.I have been staying in the United States of America to study English. I have studied Design in University for three years so I was interested in Photography.When I wanted to make a good photograph,I could not find information about photography easily. I used to read books of photography and ask people.Overtime, I have learned the method of photography from professional photographer.My web site topic is "How to take a good photograph".Everybody can take picture easily, but not everybody can take a good photograph.Photography requires many kinds of skills and has its own pleasure.I love photography, especially black and white. Ever since I had a photography class in University, I have been addicted. I feel that black and white photographs convey many times stronger feeling than color. Through the contrast of light and shadows, black and white photographs cause the viewer to focus on form, unhindered by the distration of color.

This site provides methods of photography and example photographs. It is divided in three different levels. If you are a beginner, you may wonder which camera is the best for you.I invite you to take the first level,"Basic Course" . This site's organization has been created with you in mind, and with the firm belief that photography is creative, construtive and challenging.

I took some of pictures and words from other web sites and book but I probably wrote author's name, URL, access date