It's Me
I don't know what to say.  My name is Katy.  I'm 17 years old.  Born and bred in north Alabama (well, okay I was actually born in Tennesse but only cuz there was a better hospital there).  I am a diehard NASCAR fan... Dale Earnhardt #3 is THE MAN!!!  I'll fight any Jeff Gordon fan cuz everybody knows they're all wusses.  (It's a joke... sort of, so don't take it so personal.)  I am a hillbilly and I'm dang proud of it.  I also enjoy horses, workin' the cattle, and going muddin' on my four-wheeler.  I am a movie freak of sorts.  My fave actors also happen to be southerners... from Texas.  Tommy Lee Jones and Dennis Quaid are two of *the finest* lookin' men who have ever come out of the great state of Texas.  I am in the process of makin' a website about each of them... for my own amusement is all.  I respect their acting talents and it don't hurt none that they fill out a pair of Wranglers purty daggum well! 

Well, this is my homepage.  Now that it's over with... go do somethin' else! 
Just an ol' Southern belle
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Name: Katy