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Welcome to the recently renovated Tommy Flanagan Appreciation Site.

This site showcases the career of Scottish actor Tommy Flanagan and is currently one of the only sites online that is dedicated solely to his work. The purpose of this site is to promote a fantastic character actor and in doing so, increase his exposure to those who may not be familiar with his work.

Tommy Flanagan’s career spans almost 20 years and he has been involved in some of the greatest films of the past decade and a half, including such huge Hollywood hits as “BraveHeart”, “Gladiator” and “Sin City” .


This site is not currently affiliated with Tommy Flanagan or his staff; this site is also non-profit. All photos and articles are being used for entertainment and reference purposes only and remain the property of their rightful copyright owners; no copyright infringement is intended or implied. Please feel free to browse this site and if you enjoy it, be sure to tell a friend...if you don't like this site, be sure to tell the web designer so that she can make any changes necessary to improve the site’s quality




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