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Welcome to the Show!

Hey, and welcome. Yeah, this site's still around. God Bless Geocities (or not). I've pretty much decided that I'd have not the time nor energy to write actual columns, so I pretty much will just stick to making this site a pretty good database for music reviews, whether they be by me or someone else who's game to write one. I want to give this a more "average Joe" type feel, rather than the sometimes wordy and pretentiously over-intelligent tone that sites like All Music Guide or mags like Spin and Rolling Stone have.

Anyway, it may take awhile, but I'll be putting review after review up here until I run out of free webspace. Feel free to use the link on the left to email me. Also, if you want to write a review, just email me and I'll see what'chu got, homes.

I'd also like to thank Josh Weiner, Joey Hardwood and Stan "small ralph" Mikita IV for their help in the design of this site. Your help is greatly appreciated.