I used to have a homepage at, but they did GO and deleted all the personal homepages, so I'm back to ground zero. Which could be a good thing. Hopefully, in just a bit I will have my new and improved page up and running. But, until then, I just have some basic things about me.

Age: 34
Status: Single (hint, hint)
Location: Orlando, Florida
Height: 6'1
Weight: 210
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Goatee: Once in a blue moon....
Favorite Foods
Food: Chicken, shrimp, pizza (Stuffed crust!)
Drink: Chocolate milk (Real men drink milk)
Alcohol: Goldschlager (Oh, the stories....)
Favorite Activities
Sports: Swimming, football, basketball, baseball, jogging, rollerblading, table tennis, darts, bowling.
Pro Sports: Football, baseball.
Other: Computers, clubs.
Favorite Teams
NFL: DALLAS COWBOYS! (There is no other team)
MLB: Atlanta Braves
NBA: Orlando Magic
NHL: Is that really a game?
MLS: Yawn... Wake me when its over...
NASCAR: You have got to be kidding....
Job: UPS Supervisor (No I don't wear the brown outfit.)
Study: Computer science
The Future
Job: Web developer/programmer (Anyone hiring? Don't go by this. It only took almost no time.)
Marriage: Could be when I meet the right woman.....

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