Aint Christmas Wank!

Christmas looms once again. All those presents you have to buy for people : (
All those presents you get from people : )
Anyway, on the topic of christmas, I have made a little comic for you to enjoy. Its about Lanky Matho and his Nightmare at christmas when he has to take over from the duties of Santa Claus!I hope you like : D
Click on the picture to view the comic.
Welcome to MonkeyBum! Ive just updated again. Now you can read about the 'Kill Rob Campaigne' and also look at out new comics. 'Aint Xmas Wank!'. Hope you like it. Cya xx

  Hes annoying, hes gay and hes ginger! They are just a few of the terrible words that describe Robert. *Sighs* Hes a total pain. Thats why me and Martin are starting the
'Kill Rob Campaigne'. Obviously we are not literally going to kill the fool but if your not bothered about being sent to jail for the rest of your life then please go ahead and kill his chubby little ass! :)
  Me and Martin want all you people that know Robert to tell him how much of an idiot he realy is everytime you see him.
Rob: ''Ayup Tom''
Tommy: ''Fuck you Rob! Your such a bastard!''
Please please help us rid the world of the gay Robert! Print this picture and stick it everywhere! Tommy.
Martins Comic.