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Hello, welcome to my Kenshin & Tomoe Gallery. This Gallery dedicated to Himura Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin & his 1st wife, Yukishiro Tomoe. I just made some gallery here & not the battle area of Kenshin & Tomoe fans VS Kenshin & Kaoru fans. I made this gallery because I am touched of Kenshin & Tomoe love story. About Kaoru? I don't hate her. I just don't care of her. But if you're the fans of Kaoru, I will respect you, you're not burden being here as long as you respect my gallery with "DO NOT SIGN SOMETHING BAD IN MY GUESTBOOK". Don't ever dare to do that in my guestbook, I'll kill you! The same remaining I dedicated to Tomoe fans, once again: Is not a battle area of you guys! BTW, let's enjoy it! I try to do my best in this gallery (sorry, this is my first website).

Gallery Stat:

Kenshin: 21 Pics Tomoe: 15 Pics Duet: 14 Pics Group: 4 Pics Wallpapers: 8 Pics

Total: 62 Pics

Himura Kenshin, Yukisiro Tomoe & all Rurouni Kenshin related characters copyrighted by Watsuki Nobuhiro. Some images are taken from the net. If you want to save any or all images, you don't have to email me before.

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