Tom O. Moore

Signal Corp
Ft. Monmouth, New Jersey

I am here and there!

Tom Moore was born January 26, 1905, in Briartown, Muskogee, Oklahoma, to Austin Lee and Mary Arbell "Maude" (Williams) Moore. Tom married, Nada Carmen Scott, on September 12, 1931, at Fort Sam Houston, Bexar County, Texas. They had two sons -- James Wilson and Tom O., Jr.

As of today, May 10, 2003, Tom and Nada are survived by two sons, five grandchildren, 14 great-grandchildren and 2 great-great-grandchildren. Tom passed away June 11, 1987. Nada died at home June 19, 1992, in Sacramento, Sacramento County, California. She was buried next to her husband of 54 years, at the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Sacramento, California.

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