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"A sense of humor is part of the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done."


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My name is Tony Moreno. I was born and raised in Los Angeles where I have been a law enforcement officer for over 28 years. I have devoted a career to working, investigating and developing information on gangs. I am still an active law enforcement officer but I am able to make my knowledge and techniques available to other law enforcement professionals throughout the United States and Canada. I have been able to accomplish this by working around my schedule and primary responsibility as a law enforcement officer.

I have just completed a book I have written on working gangs. In the book, I concentrate on the mental, emotional and physical challenges that cops, law enforcement officers and other frontline professionals must face on a daily basis in the effort to rid our communities of gang violence. The book is written on behalf of the real warriors ... those who face the challenges of danger, defiance and heartbreak and still sacrifice themselves in countless ways on behalf of others.

The book is entitled "LESSONS FROM A GANG COP" and is now available. You may use this link "LESSONS FROM A GANG COP" or go to www.astwood.ca to purchase a copy. If you are in the Southern California area, you may also purchase the book at the Los Angeles Police Historical Society located at 6045 York Blvd in Los Angeles, phone # (323) 344-9445 or at the Los Angeles Police Revolver and Athletic Club located at 1880 North Academy Drive in the LAPD Elysian Park Police Academy, phone # (323) 221-5222.

The feedback for my book has been positive beyond my expectations. I've written the book to be a positive and thought-provoking resource for you, the person in life's trenches. So much about gangs, law enforcement and life in general can be negative and impact you adversely that I decided to share some of my philosophies and experiences because after 28 years of working around gangs, I'm still laughing, happy and productive despite the countless challenges. I am also getting extremely positive feedback from those outside of law enforcement as many of the principles in the book can be applied by "normal people" in the course of their "everyday lives".

The gang problem has spread dramatically from the "big cities" to the suburbs and rural areas of our country. (See the update on my activities section below) There exists a real need in the law enforcement community to learn, train and upgrade methods in dealing with gangs. There is also a serious need in our communities to develop methods focusing on prevention, intervention and supression. I am working to help other law enforcement officers and professionals in their efforts to deal with this problem that has infected our communities.

Gangs throughout North America may differ, but the factors that enable them to exist are basically the same. Many of the traits and characteristics I have encountered in dealing with gangs in the Los Angeles area I have seen mirrored in gang members throughout the country. For that reason, the methods I have developed and employed in investigating, suppressing and working with gangs can assist in making others more effective in their efforts.

I am fortunate having the opportunity to learn from and work with some of the most innovative and progressive law enforcement professionals in the world. Over the years, I've had thousands of contacts and with hardcore, violent gang members. I have also been involved in countless investigations involving gangs and gang-related crimes. I've worked hand in hand with some of the most dedicated and talented professionals in law enforcement. I've also learned through my own experiences and mistakes what works and what doesn't. For these reasons, I feel that I can help make other law enforcement professionals and service providers better and safer at what they do. To this day, I still practice what I preach in my everyday dealings working gangs.

The "Tony Moreno's Background" portion of this web site presents my background, experience and qualifications. The "Training Topics and Services" section describes what I am able to offer in regards to training, consulting and investigations. Keep in mind that I can provide on-site training which is cost effective to your agency or organization and is of benefit to all of your personnel. Feel free to contact me on my guestbook and use this web site as a resource. (Please sign my guestbook)

I have worked very hard my entire career developing my knowledge, expertise, investigative techniques and tactics in dealing with gangs. I strive to be the best at what I do. I want to continue to share my knowledge and experiences with other professionals in order to make them better at what they do. This will in turn make the community a safer place for everyone. I have been providing training on gangs for 22 years and thoroughly enjoy what I do. I have an extensive list of law enforcement officers, school officials and criminal justice professionals who can attest to the quality of my work and dedication.

Again, I want to emphasize the fact that my knowledge and training comes from the perspective of an individual who has been around gangs his entire life. My training is also the product of a "gang cop" who still actively works gangs. This information is not coming from an individual who has decided to read, write about or study gangs and proclaim themselves an "expert". I have to remain competent in my knowledge and abilities as I am still out here in the Los Angeles area working gangs and putting my knowledge into use.

*** 2004 TRAINING***

Due to the interest being developed by the book, I have received many more requests for training and public speaking this year. I have been busier than usual trying to accomodate these requests but I've had to turn down a few due to scheduling conflicts and time restrictions. Here is what I've completed so far and what is planned for the remainder of 2004.

So far in 2004, I have provided training at the following law enforcement conferences and events ...

*** 3/15/04 - Lubbock, Texas at the South Plains Association of Governors Conference.
*** 3/26/04 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the Knowgangs Conference.
*** 3/31/04 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada at the Guns and Gangs Conference.
*** 4/07/04 - Santa Maria, California at the Santa Barbara County Gang Training Conference.
*** 4/27/04 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada at the Blue Line Law Enforcement Expo.
*** 5/04/04 - Lil Egg Harbor, New Jersey at the International Latino Gang Investigators Association (ILGIA) Conference.
*** 5/14/04 - Reno, Nevada at the Knowgangs Conference.
*** 5/27/04 - San Antonio, Texas at the Texas Jail Association Spring Conference.
*** 6/08/04 - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at the Oklahoma Gang Investigators Association (OGIA) Annual Gang Conference.
*** 6/10/04 - San Bernardino, California at the Understanding and Responding to Gangs in the New Millineum Conference.
*** 6/15-19/04 - Tuxtla-Gutierrez, Chiapas, Mexico representing the United States and the U.S. Speaker's Office of the American Embassy at an international conference entitled "The Importance of Citizen Participation in the Prevention and Fight Against Gangs and Drugs in the State of Chiapas."

On the Schedule ...

*** 6/29/04-7/02/04 - Austin, Texas at the Texas Gang Investigators Association (TGIA) Annual Gang Conference.
*** 7/5-9/04 - Baltimore, Maryland at the MAGLOCLEN Gang Information Sharing Conference.
*** 7/20-23/04 - Anaheim, California at the California Gang Investigators Association (CGIA) National Gang Violence Conference.
*** 10/12-13/04 - Carson, California at the California Narcotics Officers Association (CNOA) Gang Training Session.
*** 10/18-20/04 - Raleigh, North Carolina at the North Carolina Gang Investigators Association (NCGIA) "Gangs Across Carolina Conference".

As I've mentioned, my primary responsibility is to my Department working gangs in the Los Angeles area. Many of the requests I receive I am unable to accomodate so unfortunately I have to turn them down. I do however work alongside other qualified instructors on various subjects regarding gangs who I would not hesitate to endorse.


*** I completed training for the California Narcotics Officers Association (CNOA) at a training session on November 6 in La Mirada.

*** I completed conducting training at the California Gang Investigator's Association 12th Annual National Gang Conference held in Anaheim, California, July 22 through 25, 2003. My training session topic was on Hispanic Gangs of Southern California.

*** On June 22, 2003, I presented a lecture on gangs at the Islamic Center of Southern California. The focus of my presentation was the seduction that gang life has on our young people along with some prevention and personal safety tips in dealing with gang violence. The group was very gracious and appreciative for the information. The meeting really reinforced the point to me that gangs and gang activity affect all of us, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, nationality or gender.

*** I completed training at the Criminal Street Gang Awareness and Recognition Seminar being held in Tom's River, New Jersey on June 2 through 5, 2003. The conference was hosted by the New Jersey State Police - Street Gang Unit. It was a very successful training seminar with over 150 law enforcement professionals in attendance. While in New Jersey, I had the pleasure of attending the swearing-in ceremony for the new Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police and good friend, Colonel Joseph "Rick" Fuentes. While at the ceremony, I was introduced to New Jersey Governor James McGreevey and was his guest at game #5 of the Stanley Cup Finals featuring the New Jersey Devils vs. the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. In case you're wondering, I did not wear a Mighty Ducks jersey even though they're from Southern Califonia as I am a diehard Los Angeles Kings fan.

*** I completed training at the Latino Gang Investigator's Association Gang Conference held in Seattle, Washington on May 5 through 8, 2003.

*** I also conducted training at the "KNOW GANGS" Gang Conference held in Reno, Nevada on May 7 through 9, 2003.


*** I completed a gang training program entitled Project Gang Training in the city of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Working together with Astwood Strategy Corporation, a crime prevention consultancy located in Toronto, Canada, and the Ottawa Police Service , we put together and delivered a series of gang training sessions targeting law enforcement officers, corrections personnel, educators, probation, private security professionals and parents. The funding for this program was provided by a grant from the Solicitor General's Office for the Province of Ontario. Decisus Inc. was able to go in and conduct a needs assessment survey regarding what was desired in the area of gang training and awareness by those who would receive the training. We were then able to model, produce and deliver a gang training program based on the needs assessment. The entire program was a success receiving high praise and evaluations from the more than 400 recipients.

*** I provided training at the California Attorney General's 16th Annual Organized Crime, Gang, and Criminal Intelligence Training Conference held August 20-23, 2002, in Sacramento, California. My training segment was on Hispanic gangs from Southern California (Surenos).

*** On August 12, I conducted gang training for DARE officers attending their statewide training academy held in Los Angeles.

*** I conducted training at this summer's California Gang Investigators Association (CGIA) 2002 National Gang Conference in Anaheim, California. I was the moderator on a panel discussing Hispanic gang trends throughout the U.S.. I also presented information on the trends and activity coming out of the Los Angeles area. This year's conference was held the week of July 8 through the 12th and was attended by more than 1,200 law enforcment professionals.

*** I conducted training sessions in Reno, Nevada, on May 2 & 3. The gang training was provided by the organization knowgangs.com They are extremely dedicated to providing this service to law enforcment professionals. There were approximately 200 attendees and you can access their web site (knowgangs.com) for additional training on related subjects. It looks as though I will conducting additional training for them in November in Las Vegas, Nevada.


*** I provided training at the Mid States Gang Conference 2001 in Wichita, Kansas. The conference was November 28-30.

*** I conducted training in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on November 7th which was the first day of a two-day seminar. The conference was held at Mohawk College. Approximately 300 law enforcement professionals were in attendance.

*** I conducted training on August 13 at the Criminal Street Gang Awareness and Recognition Seminar being held in Tom's River, New Jersey. The seminar was provided by the New Jersey State Police Street Gang Unit and the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office. Thanks to Lt. Frank Cavallaro of the New Jersey State Police, I was able to experience a Monday Night Football tailgate party with a bunch of Philadelphia Eagles' football fans. Since the game was cancelled because of the turf, they're thinking I'm a jinx.

*** I presented a "Gang Update and Gang Unit Supervision" class as part of the California Department of Justice's Specialized Unit Management Course which is available to law enforcement supervisors throughout the state of California.

*** I presented the "Hispanic Gangs" workshop at the DARE National Training Conference held in Los Angeles, August 1-4, 2001. The conference was attended by more than 2,200 officers. We also did a special session for law enforcment officers from various agencies in Mexico who were in attendance.

*** I presented training on "Hispanic Gangs" at the California Gang Investigator's Association 2001 National Gang Conference which held in Anaheim, California June 26-31, 2001. CGIA hosted over 1300 law enforcement professionals and did an outstanding job as usual. You should consider attending next year's conference as they always put on a first class program.

*** On April 17, 2001, I also presented training in Denver, Colorado as part of the annual law enforcement seminar presented by the State of Colorado District Attorney Investigator's Association.

*** On April 3, 2001, I presented a class entitled "The Business of Working Gangs" in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, as part of the Canadian Street Gang Workshop presented by the Winnipeg Police Service. The conference went extremely well and stressed the need for us in law enforcment to communicate with each other.

*****If you would like to see my training highlights from the years 1999 and 2000, please go the "Tony Moreno's Background" page on my website. You may also see some of my references by looking through the various guestbooks I have on my site. Links for these pages are provided at the bottom of this page.

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As a point of interest, I am the original


My nickname and yellow Plymouth Fury police vehicle which I drove from 1982 through 1986
were used in the movie "Colors".
(Check out the "Pac-Man Newspaper Article" page)

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If you have any questions, please contact me at "tomoreno@hotmail.com"
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