The Cast Member Page!!!

Hi again! This is the part of my page just for Disneyland Cast Members and anyone that wonders about the average Cast Member's life (sounds like a documentary huh?).

This is a picture of several fine Cast Members... and me!
It was taken when we had a special Cast only Autopia goodbye party (the last day before renovation began)... Yes, there is an old orange car under us! I work with all of these people on a semi-regular basis. Lucky me... J/K!

I am the nerfherder in the bright purple - I was away from Tomorrowland at the time of this event! It is a bad picture of me, so no laughing!!! (this means you!)

At Disneyland, we have our own way of saying things, here is a list of Cast Member Lingo and their unofficial translations!! :)

An anonymous Cast Member posted this at one of our shuttle stops. It is a list of reasons why it sucks to work at Disneyland. I don't agree with some of them, but it is still a crack-up!!

Stay tuned for more, coming soon... I hope.

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