Welcome to the Future...

Disneyland's Tomorrowland!

Astro Orbitor, is alot like the old Rocket Jets, just shinier and more colorful. It is really neat to look at too! And if you ride by yourself, you can steer the rocket with your foot!

Another fun attraction is the Rocket Rods, basicly a fast car trip around Tomorrowland, it is a nice addition to the park, even though it it breaks down ALL the time. One thing I do say - do not wait more that 45 minutes for this one. It is fun, but not that fun... If you catch the meaning...

One recent addition isn't a ride at all, but it is still interesting to watch---the Observatron. It is said to scan the sky searching for *other* intelligent life (hasn't found any here yet apparently). Built on and around the old Rocket Jets platform and arms, it is a "Kinetic Sculpture" that chimes every quarter hour with four different songs. When Tomorrowland first re-opened, it experienced many problems due to its older machinery, so it wasn't always working... there were 5 different ways to see it... (we always laughed about it...)

  1. Working correctly
  2. Music and movement both working but not in precision
  3. Music but no movement
  4. Movement but no music
  5. Not working at all
Another attraction is the Cosmic Waves interactive fountain. With all of the colors of the rainbow and all the water power you could imagine, Cosmic Waves drenches Guests of all sizes as they try to reach the 3-ton granite ball in the center. Alias Disney does wet T-shirt contest...(use your imagination with disgretion please). Originally the Imagineers thought it would be a maze - that you were not supposed to get wet... Uh huh... sure.

Redd Rockett's Pizza Port is THE best new restaurant in the park! I fully recommend the Starfire Chicken and Orion Hawaiian Pizzas! The Chicken Fusilli pasta is great too! The desserts are really good too!

Another attraction is Honey I Shrunk the Audience. It is a "4D" show that is about the inventor Wayne Szalinski's Inventor of the Year Award. The show is quite good, I like it better than Captain EO, but thats just me. Just please, please, PLEASE return the glasses!!! If they are not returned, we will run out, and anyway they are Disneyland property.
Oh, by the way,
Photon eats jellybeans, boogers, and pizza.

The last addition, and I do mean last for now, is Innoventions. Innoventions is a interactive complex that shows off new innovations, inventions, and technology from various sponsors. The whole first level consists of computers - my suggestion - if you have a computer at home - just go directly upstairs. My favorite thing about Innoventions is the Host of the Show: Mr. Tom Morrow (and it is his land--TomMorrowLand). He is the coolest Audio-Animatronic I have ever seen!!

And of course Space Mountain!! My all time favorite ride! For the New Tomorrowland, it got a cool new color scheme and a soundtrack by the one, the only, Dick Dale!! The soundtrack was actually added about two years ago with the new FedEx sponsorship, but it is way cool! Not to mention the great new sign! Now you can go to my Space Mountain page!

Another old favorite is Star Tours. It did not get any attention in the renovation other than exterior paint, but there are possible plans for a new movie destination within the next several years. From what I hear George Lucas is doing it after the new prequels are all finished. I have heard rumors of a possible trip tp Tatooine and getting stuck in a pod race...

Update!!! AUTOPIA has finally reopened!!! The renovation of Autopia was a joint effort with Chevron. The new Autopia features a new pre-show area and many new visual elements. The cars have been updated and restyled to take their cue from the New Tomorrowland design. There are three styles of car: SUV, sport, and cute... also known as Dusty, Sparky (my favorite), and Susy! There are over 10 different colors of cars - and some of them feature "Chromallusion" where the car color changes from the angle you look at it! Very cool... very expensive ($3,000 a gallon!!) so please don't scratch!! The remodeled Autopia consists of BOTH Autopia tracks. So it is much longer. My favorite part of the new track is the "off-road" part - you literally are bumping around and "splashing" water! They even give you a "Drivers License"!

Check out this poem I wrote about Tomorrowland before the renovation was over!

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