Here is what some people have to say....

Kristen - 12/14/00 02:26:28
City,State, etc.: California
Favorite TV Show: Clueless
Favorite Movie: Dirty Dancing
Favorite Food: Chinese
Hobbies: DISNEY
luv ya Laura. great site

Courtney - 11/19/00 06:37:33
My Email:Spam
City,State, etc.: Planet Bob. For those of you lucky ones who saw Titan A.E.
Favorite TV Show: Ah, spam
Favorite Movie: Got to be spam.
Favorite Food: Deffenetly not spam.
Hobbies: Spam
Other :): SPAM!!!
PAUL MCCARTNEY!!!! Finaly I spelt his name right. Everyone that is how you spell Paul's last name. That is if anyone cares. I like Paul's accent, cause he is from England, or where ever Paul is from. I wonder if he drives a MOTERCYCLE?!? Good question. Ah to sign for the last time. For today. He he he!!! One thing to do when you are board is to sign someones guestbook. That is a good way to bugg some one!! Sorry Laura. Wont do this anymore. I'll leave that to Susan. Make sure to NOT eat spam. Leave that t other people who don't know better. Got to go dudes. Later.

Courtney Limburg - 11/19/00 06:13:59
My Email:You have it already if you look further down the page.
City,State, etc.: Ah, thder. See above answer.
Favorite TV Show: Law & Order!!! Cool huh!
Favorite Movie: Toy Story 2!!! Even better.
Favorite Food: What else HIEI! J/K It's cake and other food like it.
Hobbies: What ever is happening at the last minute.
Other :): Spam taste better if you chew with your mouth open so other people can see what your eating.
He he he. Hey Laura, I liked the music at your web page. To make the guestbook more fun is if you also had the music there. But, then it would get anoying. Course it is your choice. Anyways, PAUL MCCARNTY!!! Or was that MOTERCYCLE!!! Anways, take my advi e, DON'T EAT SPAM UNLESS UNDER SOMEONE ELSES SUPERVISION!! Cause you might need help getting to the bathroom - LIKE ME!!! blheeeawouuuaaaawww THAT WAS GROSS TASTING! GET ME SOME WATER QUICKLY! HURRY UP! That's better. Haaa! Later dudes!

Brian C - 11/06/00 22:54:22
My Email:you wish
City,State, etc.: The Happiest Place on Earth???
Favorite TV Show: ST TV of any sort
Favorite Movie: undecided, Matrix maybe..
Favorite Food: McDonalds
Hobbies: Star Trek Ships
Other :): Pooh may rule, But Eeyore is da bomb!
Hey Laura, Said I would visit.. I got a kick out of your CastMemberPage. I can't believe that Autopia picture got on the net!! LMAO. Any case you have a classic wit, which makes this a fun place to visit in the future. Peace! Brian C. PS (Star Destroyers are beautiful Metal Triangular Slugs ..Best Star Wars design of all time!)

Suz - 10/30/00 17:56:32
My Email:same
City,State, etc.: Earth
Favorite TV Show: TV? What's that?
Favorite Movie: I have to pick one?
Favorite Food: Um, lets see that would!
Hobbies: Annoying Laura! Bwahahahaha!!!
Other :): Hmmmmm!! I like to play with suger packets!
Hwahahahaha!!!! I am signing a THIRD time. Why? I don't know just seemed like fun!!!!!! I now have signed the guestbook more that anyone else!!!! Also I know you find it annoying!!!!!! !!!!!! !! Did you look at the comic webpage yet!?! MOTORCYCLE!! Well maybe I should leave that one for Kootney. O.K. some advice. Eat more cheese, because, it's there and like if you walking on a bridge over the freeway wave like an idiot at the cars because it's fun.

Paul P.....from the big D - 10/16/00 06:49:36
City,State, etc.: The Big D
Favorite TV Show: ummmmm.....I'll get bact to you
Favorite Movie: Duh ....STAR WARS
Favorite Food: nerfherders
HI'll be seeing me soon in my white briefs.....say hi ti Rosie:)

Naoki - 09/30/00 00:50:06
My Email:hide
City,State, etc.: Seattle, WA
Favorite TV Show: ....
Favorite Movie: ...
Favorite Food: Takoyaki(Japaese)
Hobbies: Saxophone, Skateboard
Hey, this is a creative site. I don't really know much about amine staff, but looks cool!

Deannaliscious - 07/31/00 08:41:27
City,State, etc.: Rosie's house
Favorite TV Show: Passions...Love Miguel!
Favorite Movie: I know who you did last summer
Hobbies: NSYNC
Other :): Hey, Miguel was mine first!
can i sign this twice too????? Bye bye bye *NSYNC style!

Princess Ayaka - 07/31/00 08:37:47
My Email:still no
So what's up with signing this thing twice? I wanna play!!!!!

Princess Ayaka - 07/31/00 02:03:04
My Email:no
City,State, etc.: Zandarian Republic sector 12
Favorite TV Show: Sailor Moon & PPG
Favorite Movie: Princess Bride& MST3K
Favorite Food: Lasagna
Hobbies: World domination, Human sacrifice, crocheting, Anime, Drawing....the usual
Other :): I like cheese
Laura you are my insane guardian angel guiding me towards mass social destruction, thanks for your support! VIVA EL NAPSTER!

Guess Who!! Alright it's Susan - 06/06/00 20:20:13
City,State, etc.: Across the Fwy from Kootney
Favorite TV Show: Told ya
Favorite Movie: ditto
Favorite Food: anything chewy?!
Hobbies: being hyper
Other :): I hate spam
MOTORCYCLE!!!!!!!!!!! Now for something completely diffrent. Hi, Laura. Kootney signed you guestbook twice so I had to also. Well that and we remembered motorcycle!!!! It's kindda like Paul McCarthy. You'll have to ask Kootney about that one. OK now for a nonsence joke. Your driving your plane mock-five down the street. You hit a pothole, how many pancakes does it take to sugerize a dogs mouth. None because theres no bones in ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!! Kootney asks what I'm writing but I'm not telling bwahahahaha bwaha ha ha!!!!!! See ya later

Courtney Limburg. Again! - 06/06/00 19:57:36
City,State, etc.: Over the Fwy from Susan.
Favorite TV Show: Same
Favorite Movie: Same
Favorite Food: Same
Hobbies: I still colect things
Other :): Still bug Maynard.
THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just wanted to sign in again to say that! Make sure you don't buy spam because it tastes really, REALLY bad! *None shall pass.* Monty Python Is cool also! Hehehehehehehehehehehe! Bye. Courtney : )

Susan Starr - 06/06/00 19:36:00
City,State, etc.: Tustin California just off the 55 fwy
Favorite TV Show: Gundam Wing
Favorite Movie: Matrix
Favorite Food: Cheesy rice (only Devon &I know this one)
Hobbies: too many to say
Other :): I like to bug people!!!!!!!!
A moose once bit my sister. Spam, Spam, Spam. Spammity spam, spammity spam, spammity, spam, spammity, sssssspppppppaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bwhahahahahahah!!!!!!!!I'm signing you guestbook. Looky, see this is me signing it!!!!!! Kurama rock !!!!!!!!!! Hiei is rad also!!!!!! They don't get enough coverage in the first movie. Courtney likes They Might be Giants also!!!!!! She also has a Hiei collage on her wall!!!!!!!! She says He, he. I like excalmation points!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell ! It took me a while to fighure that out!!!!! ! !!!! ! ! Thats enough tehe tehe tehe! Hi Laura, your rad. Like the page. Don't eat too many sour gummy mickeys!!!! You don't want to get too hyper now do you!!!!!!!!! : ) Courtney put in the happy fac . I prefer my little beatnick guy B-)~ Everybody this is Bob, Bob the Beatnick Bob, this is everybody. Bob can't speck, afterall he only excists in my head. He, he, he, he!!! I'm really hyper right now!!!!! Because of sssssssssppppppppppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmm!!!! Kootney and I both agree spam is not something to be eatten. Well I think I ranted and raved enough. And Laura now you can say some of your crazy friends have signed your guestbook!!!!!!! !!!!! !!! !!!!!!!! ! ! !!!!! Susan B-)~ (and Bob)

Courtney Limburg - 06/06/00 19:18:45
City,State, etc.: Califormia
Favorite TV Show: Crocidile Hunter
Favorite Movie: Right now - MP2
Favorite Food: Tacos
Hobbies: Collect things
Other :): Go to D-land and bug Maynard.
MAYNARD RULES!!!! Hiei too! Karama?!?! Hmmmmm?! Not sure! Can't forget about Liam Neeson and Brent Spiner!!! He, he, he!

DJ Zoe - 04/18/00 18:02:46
City,State, etc.: Orange County
Favorite TV Show: Vault Disney
Favorite Movie: The Third Man
Favorite Food: Chinese Orange Chicken
Hobbies: DJ
Hey Laura! I just got a gig as a DJ on KUCI 88.9fm in Irvine! My show is on Saturday nights from midnight to 3am (Sunday morning) - it's called 'Stilyagi.' The request line is (949)UCI-KUCI. Call in this week and I'll play some wacky Disney tunes for you. (You can also listen live on the web by going to

Victor Fagundes - 03/27/00 02:45:35
Hey Nerfherder

kyogo - 03/25/00 10:16:36
City,State, etc.: japan
Favorite TV Show: Simpsons
Favorite Movie: T2
Favorite Food: sushi
Hobbies: soccer
Other :): :)
hey Laura,the webpage is so cool!:D I could know your interest and more about you!:)

Shelly Bourn - 02/01/00 01:19:59
City,State, etc.: Lake Forest, Ca
Favorite TV Show: Who's Line is it Anyway and Walt Disney Presents Disneyland
Favorite Movie: History of the World
Favorite Food: Pasta Pasta Pasta!!!!1
Hobbies: umm....lets see......going to Disneyland....going to Disneyland...and going to Disneyland
I have a great love for two different things 1) Music and 2) Disneyland. I treasure both very much. Hey I read you live in Irvine and work at DL Chances are I probably know you!!!!

Rhiannon - 11/27/99 11:51:56
City,State, etc.: Claremont Ca
Favorite TV Show: Daria/The Simpsons/That 70's show
Favorite Movie: The Natural (It's a Baseball Movie But it has Robert Redford. He's HOT!!!
Favorite Food: Anything cooked
Hobbies: Writing Poetry, Music all types, going to shows
Hey Laura, I like the picture you drew on paint. It looks pretty close to the real thing. Your an awsome artist. I think my dad has a friend who has a scanner I'll ask him if we could use it to scan that picture of you and Victor dressed in your costum s.

Alfonso - 11/26/99 20:09:12
City,State, etc.: Irvine
Favorite TV Show: M*A*S*H
Favorite Movie: "Dead Man" by Jim Jarmusch
Favorite Food: Chinese Orange Chicken
Hobbies: Erudition, Procrastination, Cynicism
Hey Laura! It seems like a lifetime ago that we were both working at you-know-where (B.R.U.) I hope to run into you again - we should go to the park sometime. Email me!

John - 11/12/99 15:59:43
City,State, etc.: California
Favorite TV Show: MTV's Downtown
Favorite Movie: Star Wars
Favorite Food: Pizza and Burgers
Hobbies: Dating, model building and hanging out with cool people
Other :): I meet this cool gal in chco ca, her name is belle r. bratcher and I think the world of her!!!
Your page is pretty cool! And I love Star Wars, it's the best movie of all time in my opinion... The next two prequals are gonna kick ass! And I've see most of the screen play for E2 anyway....

Belle Bratcher - 11/12/99 00:27:52
City,State, etc.: Chico Ca.
Favorite TV Show: Dawsons Creek
Favorite Movie: The Langoliers
Favorite Food: Pizza
Hobbies: Going dancing, swimming, writing, hanging with friends and boyfriends, and having a good time.
Other :): I like making people smile.
Laura, I really enjoyed your page. It has changed allot since the last time I saw it at the beginning of this year. I am looking forward to seeing you soon. Talk to you later. I like that show Daria also. Love always you friend, Belinda.

Rhiannon - 11/05/99 06:51:11
City,State, etc.: Claremont Ca
Favorite TV Show: Daria/The Simpsons/That 70's show
Favorite Movie: The Natural (It's a Baseball Movie But it has Robert Redford. He's HOT!!!
Favorite Food: Anything cooked
Hobbies: Writing Poetry, Music all types, going to shows
Other :): Reading Calvin and Hobbes
Laura, Your website rocks!!! My favorote part is the castmember lingo. Here is one most asked question by guest if your a Hatwriter while standing by a Embroidery machine. Do you embroider on hats? Asked about 50 times a day!!! AAh it drives me batty!!!!! ou have help me create a web page. Asta La Vista Baby... I'll be back...soon May the Force be with You P.S. Your Costume rocked.

Dustin - 07/15/99 07:42:32
City,State, etc.: Cucamonga
Favorite TV Show: Hogan's Heroes
Favorite Movie: Ben Hur
Favorite Food: edible
Hobbies: writing and reading
Other :): I think Laura's web page is cool
GO Obi-Wan Canoebies!!!!! Dustin Raider

Matt Cowee - 06/29/99 00:43:14
City,State, etc.: Reno, Nevada
Favorite TV Show: Stargate SG-1
Favorite Movie: Princess Bride
Favorite Food: Cheese Tortellini in Alfredo
Hobbies: Making certain Disneyland Cast Member's Lives just a little more interesting...
Other :): See Below
Hey! Thanks for sending me that picture of Darth Maul... Everyone here at the office had an absolute hysteria session when I posted it on the break room's front door. So now... I'm holding up the coffee mug, and I say.... "What do you think...Does Dar h Maul need his head examined?" and then I peer into the mug, looking confused. I know. We sci-fi peepz are little goofy sometimes. Talk at Ya latez. Matt

06/11/99 06:40:18
Name: ICQ Gal My URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me

Website de Niza. Gracias por dejarme firmar su guestbook

Cecy The Great - 04/05/99 04:05:40
My URL:http://uhwhat?
City,State, etc.: Planet Earth, duh
Favorite TV Show: Simpsons
Favorite Movie: Indiana Jones Trio
Favorite Food: Chinese
Hobbies: I work and go to school. (period)
Other :): anything that makes me wonder
Hey chica. Your page ain't as bad as I thought it was. You need some more Cast Member lingo though and definetly some more reasons on why it sucks to be a cast member. You should also put in a section for little known facts about Disneyland. Like TGS. Ha, ha, ha. If everyone knew about it they would bankrupt Disney.

Nicole - 02/21/99 00:01:45
City,State, etc.: Crystal Illinois
Favorite TV Show: Sailor Moon/Rurouni Kenshin
Favorite Movie: Wayne's World/X
Favorite Food: anything ^_^
Hobbies: anime of course!
Other :): Saturn daisuki!
Hi Laura! I found your page through Katherine's Domicile's like saturn too! I have a wussy little Saturn manga scans page that i haven't updated in a loooong time but am going to soon...So you haven't seen Saturn in the anime, eh? I was in that predicament until i discovered the joys of fansubs...mebbe we could set up a trade or sumpin, email me and we can rap about Saturn, unarguably THE ichiban no senshi...oh yeah, and i can get you translations to your manga, too ^_^ btw, me likee pagee!

katherine, aka tomoyo-chan/schala sagara - 02/07/99 06:59:27
City,State, etc.: here or there
Favorite TV Show: Card Captor Sakura, Rurouni Kenshin, and others ^_~
Favorite Movie: Wayne's World!
Favorite Food: japanese food
Hobbies: anime, manga, making webpages, trading anime, bishounen, anime, learning japanese...did i mention anime?
Pretty Sailor Saturn page...I got here from your guestbook entry. If you like Saturn, my friend has a Saturn image gallery...check out Ja ne!

09/24/98 06:44:16
Name: Bad Bunny My URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me

Nice page. Very informative. Keep it up.

Jamie - 09/23/98 00:02:21
City,State, etc.: Tomorrowland, Disneyland
Favorite TV Show: Dunno?!?!?!?
Favorite Movie: Titanic, what else!
Favorite Food: Ice cream!!!!:)
Hobbies: I have none, I work at Disneyland!!
Hey Laura... This is the only way I know how to get a hold of you. Email me you email address K? I just wanted to know if your gonna attend that thing @ work on Fri.? you know my address so email me back K? Jamie:)

Kevin - 09/20/98 05:59:40
City,State, etc.: CA
Favorite TV Show: Oz
Favorite Movie: Devil's Advocate
Favorite Food: Macaroni and Cheese
Hobbies: Playing Tennis
Other :): I Love Your Web Site!!

- 09/15/98 00:26:39
I'm back!!!! I had to read the cast member was so funny!!! I love it!! I added it (your page) to my favorite places list so I can keep up with updates!!! You have WAY too much time on your hands!!! Jamie:)

Jamie - 09/15/98 00:21:21
My Email:J1harrison
City,State, etc.: Tomorrowland, Disneyland
Hey you:) Found your is cool...don't have much time to check it out now so I'll come back later K? I just wanted to see if I could find it and say hi!!! See ya at work!!! Jamie:)

Steven - 09/02/98 20:06:46
City,State, etc.: Huntington Beach, CA
Favorite TV Show: Home Improvemtn
Favorite Movie: Deep Impact
Favorite Food: anything Italian
Hobbies: Singing, dancing, theater, Disneyland
I love the wonderful page....very creative =)

Derek - 06/13/98 05:54:58
City,State, etc.: Irvine, CA
Favorite TV Show: Frasier
Favorite Movie: Toy Story
Hobbies: drawing, writing, Disneyland
What can I say... Laura's page rocks. Thanks for the link!

Danny J. - 02/20/98 22:16:12
City,State, etc.: Southern California
Favorite TV Show: "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" and "Xena"
Favorite Movie: "Cutting Edge", "Dirty Dancing", and the Sister Act Duology
Favorite Food: Pizza....definately Pizza
Hobbies: Reading, movies, hangin out with friends
Laura's page is cool :) and so are her friends Rosie and Peter :)

Anjana - 02/14/98 00:13:07
City,State, etc.: Irvine,CA
Favorite TV Show: Sabrina the Teenaged Witch
Favorite Food: anythin italian
Hobbies: astronomy
YES! i am the very first to sign the book! Sorry about some of the blanks, cant think right now. Hope your site turns out to be a spectacular one. Nice links! tata

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