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I first created this website in 1997 (an offshoot of my original one circa 1995) as a kind of scrapbook to combat my limited memory, and maintain it both for the incapacitatedly bored web-surfer, and to add things when I myself am incapacitatedly bored (!) - here you will find funny pictures, articles, quizzes, and rants on various topics (I LOVE to laugh and am easily entertained - lol). If some of the pictures or pages don't show up, click on "Reload." Sometimes things stop loading if you close the Geocities ad / banner before it finishes. Other times, Geocities' servers get a little quirky - there are no broken links here that I know of! :o)

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So what's new with me lately? (in case your inquiring mind wants to know)

(Thursday May 17, 2007)  Wow - it's impossible to explain all the things that have happened in the last year! But I'll try to sum up... Pete and I have had many adventures, whether it's taking a full-blown vacation or just driving to random places in Colorado. We seem to love each other more and more every day! We've been through some challenging times - the hardest was when the people fixing up Pete's future home wanted him to pay them $20,000 more than it appraised for. He had no option but to bail out, and found the house we now live in - in one day! We moved out before we even closed on the new house, and had to live in a hotel for a week. And since Pete has an 80-hour-a-week job, I had to move almost everything myself, although movers did indeed help me move stuff into the new house...

Anyway, the fix-it people then started sending threatening letters, and ended up sueing Pete. All those months he was living in the house-under-construction (so they could insure it) and helping them fix it up, they then decided he owed them rent... On a pure technicality, they won about $5,000 from him. That was an incredibly challenging experience, but it only brought us closer together and made us a more supportive unit.

That's pretty much been the story - great times; even the bad times bring us together! On May 11th, Pete proposed to me, and of course I said yes!

(Saturday July 8, 2006)  Well I'm officially moving to Colorado on July 21st. I have recently discovered it's a spifftastic state!

(Pete and I at graduation - he has 1 black and 1 gold tassel because he got his master's and doctorate at the same time)

(Wednesday March 29, 2006)  Newsflash - after 4 years, I have a boyfriend again - alert the media. We met in Guatemala, and I'll provide more details later, but I couldn't ~not~ include him somewhere on the site for the time being! He's the funniest, sweetest guy I've ever known, and this morning he left for a 2-month rotation / road trip. I miss him SO MUCH already it hurts!!!

(Pete ~aka El Pedro~ and I at a local copper mine)

(Wednesday March 22, 2006)  Well I haven't done any updating in a long time - I've been pretty busy with rotations, etc. I just did two weeks of one in Guatemala, had a great time, made tons of new friends, got sick and exhausted, but still had loads of fun. I'll be doing a new page about it soon!

(Here I am in Guatemala with some of the friends I made)

(Saturday October 7, 2005)  Geez, where has the time gone?!?! How has it been 8 months since I've updated this part of my site?!?! Well let's see... Major events that have occurred since February... I've gotten back in touch with a few old long-lost friends which has been super-neato... I've once again been offered a job at my possible dream-job location... I've deepened my friendships with my current classmates, in particular Tara and John - we're like the 3 Musketeers now! We also keep talking about how much we're going to miss each other! Tara is moving to Memphis after graduation, and I'm still not sure where I'm going. Tara says she's going to miss all the joking-around I do, and that she'll have to call me to get her laugh-for-the-day! John keeps saying he's going to move to one of our towns, I guess so he'll only have to miss one of us - lol! I'm going to miss them both an unbelievable amount!!!

I'm continuing to do ok in pharmacy school, but old info is being squeezed out of my brain as fast as I can cram new stuff in - it's a little discouraging!!!... I'm considering doing a residency after graduation (a year in which you work for half-pay in exchange for being taught a lot of extra stuff on-the-job) - however, if I do this, I will forfeit my possible dream-job that I've been offered (they unfortunately can't wait another year to hire somebody), so it's definitely an ongoing dilemma - if anybody out there has some advice, feel free to email me... I can use all the help I can get! Last-year rotations start November 7th (oooo, a month from today - weird coincidence!!!), and we're all pretty much excited and scared at the same time!

For about the last year and a half, every night I was either having nightmares or no dreams at all, but this has finally stopped, thank goodness! I attribute it to a friendship-gone-wrong finally getting a bit of resolution, or at least morphing into a situation that no longer concerns me, so yay!!! Weirdly enough, my first pleasant dream was the night BEFORE I found out the news that has made the nightmares go away. Even more strangely, I had a dream about the news a week before I was told about it... Anyway, now I'm having lots of pleasant dreams!  :o)

Where I am now, I look back on my years in grade school, high school, and even undergrad college and can't believe I'm the same person!!! I've been through so many unique and/or hard situations and tests of character and I feel like I've learned a tremendous amount from them. There is something that was pointed out to my current classmates and I our first year that is a very good piece of advice... We were about to start our 1st-year rotations and some of us were worried that we wouldn't have good sites, wouldn't learn anything, etc. Our professor told us that you can still learn a lot from a bad situation - sometimes even more than from a good one!!! This seems logical, and I found out it's VERY true... For now, I'm thinking about how much I'm going to miss class and hanging out with my friends every day! Compared with my future work schedule, my current class schedule will probably seem like a vacation... And I've been of course thinking about how much I'm going to miss everyone since school first started - read the below stuff if you don't believe me!!! It's probably better to not think about it too much, so I better ~zip it~ for now!

(Here I am studying hard in September 2005! The papers hanging there are quizzes I make for myself - I then write out the answers on whiteboards.)

(Saturday February 12, 2005)  Wow, it's almost been a year since I last posted an update here! Where the heck did the time go?!?! I was on rotations fall 2004, then I had five glorious weeks of vacation during which I had yet more jaw-work done. The surgery I mention in the entry below worked initially, but the joint scarred up so bad it basically fused into one solid chunk of bone. So my surgeon had to go back in and fix it, and at the same time, he fixed the jaw joint on the other side and took out the metal screws and plates in my upper jaw (from my very first operation) since I was having a bad reaction to them. This time I have a special torture-looking device to stretch my jaw muscles - it's been eleven years since I've been able to open my mouth properly, so they've shortened considerably. I'm doing really well so far though, and I can now chew gum again - hooray!!!!!!! Anyway, after five weeks of down-time, when I got back to school in December, I was ready! I feel like I've studied more this quarter than ever before, but my stress level is much lower because I've been keeping up with everything. I've even been updating this site regularly - continue to check out my Separated at Birth page - that's probably what I update the most often. Another week and a half, and it'll be time for spring break!  :o)

(Hi, this is me on Jan 25, 2005!)

(Wednesday March 3, 2004)  It's spring break! We're on the quarter system here, so we have it a little early, and unfortunately, it's only a week long. I had a second operation on my jaw last Thursday, this time on the joint (I've posted a cool picture of the scar here). I've been pretty much goofing off and healing over break so far.  :o)  My parents are celebrating in Mexico for two weeks due to the fact that my Mom retired about 10 days ago! This is very cool, and my mom has surely earned it after many years of hard work! I thought I'd be recuperating alone, but one of my friends actually volunteered to stick around for the first half of break to keep me company and in case I needed anything. Keep in mind that he also goes to this school and therefore only has one week of break, so I was understandably wowed and felt very honored. It turns out misery does love company!  ;o)  (Just kidding - I'm not miserable, just a little out of it due to my pain medicine)  This just brings me back to my point about the people at my school - I've never been in an environment like this where the majority of everyone is truly kind and helps each other. A lot of the pressure is off now that we're all in grad school - we don't have to worry so much about our GPAs, just that we learn what we need to. And since none of our teachers grade on a curve, we can help each other study, share helpful tips for remembering things, and generally work together. It's so great!!!!!!!!!!
By the way, I have heavily updated my Separated At Birth page. For years it had the same old stuff, but now there's more than twice what there used to be, and I have some REALLY cool new matches. Be sure to check it out!!!

(Thursday Dec 4, 2003)  The second quarter of Pharmacy school started a few days ago. I love it here!!! We had two weeks of vacation for Thanksgiving, and I missed everybody SO MUCH (I think right now, I'm about the only one in the class who isn't taking for granted what a cool group of people we have)... When I went into class last Monday, I was ready to run around giddily greeting everyone. However, almost everyone else was acting like we had all seen each other yesterday, so I successfully repressed my glee. Because there's nothing that makes you look more like a tard than being the only person running around a classroom like Paul McCartney speaking gibberish and jumping up and down... I also got a new picture phone over the break (hence my new section of picture phone photos)! While I was ambivalent about the idea, now that I've experienced its majesty, I like it SO much better than my previous ghetto phone. Compared to my old one, the reception is worse at school, but better at home, so that's sort of weird.....

(Monday Oct 6, 2003)  What's new with me, you ask? Well a bunch of stuff! For one thing, I was admitted into Pharmacy school in fall 2003 - hooray!!! So far, I love it!!!!! There are approximately 130 people in my class, and so far I know about a third of them - doesn't sound like much, but considering I was an undergrad hermit, it's quite a change for me! Also, I got orthognathic surgery on my upper jaw (for this procedure, they slice the top jaw off the skull in question, take out a small cross-section, and fasten it back into said head with titanium pins and plates) in May of 2003 to help alleviate the TMJ I've had for the past ten years. So far, I feel so much better - for the most part, the pain is gone! Amazingly, I only had to take painkillers once or twice during the whole process. An extra bonus of this is that the lower part of my face looks a little different now, for example, no visible gums when I smile - yay! I can also do things like chew gum and hold items between my teeth without pain. If you're contemplating getting this kind of surgery, feel free to e-mail me with any questions! :o)

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