What to do on Halloween

Looking for something scary to do this halloween? Go visit the haunted houses page to see what haunted houses are offered in Florida. If you would prefer activities at your home, go to the haunted tales page, and read some creepy myths, or go to the movies page to pick out some great movies that will keep you up all night. Have a Happy Halloween!

Reasons for Halloween

  1. The Samhain Festival
  2. All Saint's Day
  3. All Hallow's Eve
  4. All Soul's Day

Explaining the Reasons for Halloween

The Samhain Festival
This festival from the Celtic Origin was used to celebrate the transition from life to death. It was believed that during this time the living could speak to their dead loved ones.
All Saint's Day
The word Halloween came from the Catholic religion. They celebrated a holiday All Saint's Day, also refered to as All Hallow's Eve. The name was later shortened to Halloween.
All Soul's Day
November 2nd was named All Soul's day to commemorate the dead souls. All Saint's Day (November 1st) and All Soul's Day (November 2nd) were such similar holidays, and so close together, that they tended to be combined into one holiday.
More Information on the Origin of Halloween

Things to do on/around Halloween

  1. Go to a haunted theme park, and scream through all the houses
  2. Stay up late, and during the darkest hour of the night, watch horror movies.
  3. Read horror novels right before you fall asleep.