Cardcaptor Sakura MP3s
The beautiful songs of Cardcaptor Sakura, here for your listening pleasure.  Am I generous or what? *laughs triumphly* *coughs* When I upload these songs, I have to tolerate Geocitie's damn slow connection, so appreicate these songs! I'll put more up as I go along... someday... ^^ All these songs are zipped, so you'll need Winzip to unzip these files.  Enjoy.
Catch You Catch Me
1st opening theme
1st ending theme
Tobira o Akete(Open the Door)
2nd opening theme
2nd ending theme
3rd opening theme
Fruits Candy
3rd ending theme.
Tooi Kono Machi De(In This Distant Town)
1st Movie ending theme
Ashita e no Melody
2nd Movie ending theme
Sakura's image song.  Very sweet.  I swear she was on something when she sung it... the lyrics are cute, but disturbing... in a way...
Kini Naru Aitsu(The Person in My Mind)
Shaoran's image song.  Cuuute.... Shaoran's pretty frustrated about his feelings toward "that person".  ^^ The episode that featured this song had such cute pictures to go along with the song... With slight Chinese trills, it's an insanely addictive song.
Kimi ga Ita Scene(The Scene That You Are At)
Touya-kun's image song.  The lyrics are sort of depressing... Sung by ever-worshipped Seki Tomokazu-sama, this song is one of the few that does not sound like the seiyuu inhaled helium before singing.  The only CCS songs sung by a grown, masculine-sounding male that I know of... ;) Damn, Touya-kun and Yukito-kun should have a duet... and Midorikawa Hikaru-sama should've been one of the seiyuus... XD
Anata to Ireba(If I Am With You)
Duet of Sakura-chan and Tomoyo-chan, this song is sweet to the point of insanity, like most of CCS songs.  From the melody to lyric to seiyuus... ^^
Okashi no Uta(Strange Song)
This is so cute! >_< It's duet of Kero-chan and Suppi-chan.  It gets rather disturbing after Kero forces sweets down Suppi's throat... O_o
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