There's been a vast peroration of gobbleygook and doublespeak written for and about the internet. That's my opinion, anyway. I'm here to clear all that up with various rants, epistles and other collections of words.

Mostly, they'll be my words. If you want to contribute your thoughts on the web as a place, person or thing, feel free to send me email at tomprz@tomprz.com. No, that's not a mailto link, I'm too lazy to do that right now. Just cut it and paste it inot your email program.

Now, just because you decide to send me something doesn't mean it will get posted. Just if I like it, a lot, and you've included your real name, address and phone number so that I can reach you if I decide that your run of words fits into my personal vision for this site.

Which is what, you inquire. A site of good humor, of tolerance of other's foibles, of an interest in things of the internet, and with no discernable political slant, short of respect for the individual and the rights thereof. Having just said that, since this is my site, I reserve the right to publish or not publish anything submitted. And anyone who submits stuff they want me to consider for publication here  agrees that my word is final, absolute and unquestionable. Here at this site. Elsewhere, who knows, my opinion may be respected, or it may be rejected. And that's OK with me.

Who am I? A middle-aged writer who is in the process of leaving the advertising business in hopes of fun, fortune and financial gain here onthe internet. Just like everyone else, I'm a unique individual. Interests include dried corn as a self-expressing art form, words adn word games, minds and mind games, and Da Da, formerly of the Bonzo Do Da Dog Band, but which was too hard to explain in just a few sentences to stoned rock and roll enthusiasts.

More, later.Pax,


It's a typepwriter. Okay, it's a picture of a typewrtier. That's all it is. There's no hidden links, no exciting racy pictures of cheese being made "the old fashinoned way," no unexpurgated semi-colons or underlined text. Just a black-and-white picture of a typewriter. Thank you for your suport.
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