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Welcome to Formula


3rd CD RELEASED MOMENT TO MOMENT 80's style rock, Keyboard driven with warm vocals and smooth driving guitars.


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Broken Heart 
Loving You 
Moment to Moment 
I Keep Waiting
No Time
Father Time
Music in Me
Out of My Mind
All Night Long
Her Love

To Get Back Home

Released CDs 
1. Time Of Day
1st CD, Time Of Day
2. Private World
2nd CD, Private World
3. Moment to Moment
3rd CD, Moment To Moment

Almost Heaven was the inspirational place of Tommy Baize and L.E. Simpkins.
Growing up together in those West Virginia mountains would prove to play a significant
role in our musical careers. In 1984, we joined forces in a top 40 band called Formula and for ten years honed our talents at high schools, clubs and area events.

Because of jobs and families, we spend the next nine years in different states working on separate projects. But neither time nor miles would keep us from reviving our friendship and musical admiration for each other by teaming up across state lines to release our first CD TIME OF DAY.

Who we are ...

L.E. who resides in Kentucky, is a keyboard player and songwriter. He also has a recording studio, TIME RECORDING STUDIO, in Buskirk, Kentucky. His forte is instrumentals and his compositions have been played on MTV, VH1, The Drew Carey Show, The Howie Mandale Show and other various television shows and radio stations in the US and Europe.

Tommy is a guitarist, singer, songwriter who has graced the club scene in Pittsburgh, PA and the tri-state areas, while spending his time building his home recording studio and opening an independent recording label.

Together, Tommy and L.E. now have 32 songs cataloged and are currently working on the release of the 4th CD.

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TIME OF DAY , PRIVATE WORLD and MOMENT TO MOMENT can be purchased at or 1-800-BUY-MYCD.

Check out  iTunesEmusic,,  and Digital Downloading . More sites are being added all the time.

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    Tommy Baize 724-453-0299

    L.E. Simpkins 606-427-7615



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