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---Study on Stem Cell Research shows some potential Dangers--------------->Click Here to Read More

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---U.S. House Cmte to Hold a Hearing on Born-Alive Infants Protection Act->Click Here to Read More
The Web Bible
Why I Beleive in Christ as my Saviour.
Is Jesus Christ the answer to your questions?
---New Bush Policy will Promote Medical Care for the Unborn---------------->Click Here to Read More
---More on Medical care for the Unborn----------------------------------------->Click Here to Read More
-Abortion Poll-
What do YOU think of Abortion?

Against ALL Abortion
Against Abortion (except for Rape or Incest)
Against Abortion (except rape&incest or mothers life in danger)
For Abortion on Demand
I don't really know...


Violence in the Abortion Debate (Under Construction)
Abortion IS Murder (Under Construction)
National Right to Life
Pro-Choice 'Arguments' ANSWERED!---Click Here
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